Saturday, 14 February 2009

Normal Service

… has been restored. Yes, gentle reader, The Cheerful Fairy is back.

Last night I drank a lot of wine and had a good old cry; one that was some two weeks overdue. So, this morning, the combination of booze and tears had inevitably found me somewhat hung over. And amazingly horny! Which I only mention now because I hooked up someone who turned out to be a former rent boy from San Fransisco. He was really interesting and alongside some very good-but-naughty fun indeed we talked for hours and hours… He isn’t really my type in many ways but being nearby and so very interesting I think I will keep in touch as a friend.

But that is by the by, because the real reason I’m cheerful if this:

I have been asked out not once, not twice, but three times for a date. Well, two and a half times possibly – as I shall now explain:

Date 1 is a food technologist from Wanstead who messaged me on OUT and we got chatting. Because work is so busy we can’t meet till 27 February, but we're keeping in touch, so it all seems good.

Date 2 will be a TV producer I’ve been exchanging messages with via Parship and who asked me out this very morning. Parship uses psychometrics and on the face of it we’re not compatible but he and I get on well so far. So I replied that I’d love to; we shall see what comes of it.

Date 3, or 2.5 I suppose, is the most surprising. It’s not really a date as such, not yet – merely a request for one. The surprise comes in two parts. The first is that it is from a guy on gaydar. Since joining it about a year ago it has become abundantly, if delightfully, clear it isn’t a dating site… on my, no. So I’m really quite pleased. All the more so because the gaydar guy is insanely good looking. He’d looked at my profile before but had not drawn my attention (no pictures either; he sent me some with his message) so I’d thought nothing of it.

I call it date 2.5, should we actually go out, because I’m surprised at the interest from him. He’s that good looking!

Oh, don’t worry; I’m not going to sit here and stress over how he's so much better looking than me. A resounding yes will be winging its way back to him too.

So there we have it. As if by magic, dating arrived.


Monty said...

Wahooo! It all sounds rather good! Enjoy your dates!!!

Mike said...

Oh I will :-)