Wednesday, 18 February 2009


I was going to write about a couple of funny experiences I had with guys on various sites who became a little… obsessed I suppose, and in one case seemed to follow me from place to place for a while. I found that a bit unsettling but it seems to have stopped, so no harm done!

This is good, gentle reader, because I can tell you more about one in particular of the lovely me who seem to be just dying to take me out; double-plus hurrah!

I refer of course to the food technologist from Wanstead. And I will admit to you gentle reader that Frumpella is, for the first time in some time, quite the smitten kitten.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall tell you the story of the smiting…

We’d continued exchanging messages after he’d asked me out. And so it went, back and forth, in the usual manner… until Monday. After I got home from what was a truly challenging day at work, he suggested – not a welcome suggestion, I’ll admit – that we chat over MSN messenger using the webcam. Being a bit ticked off by the experience of the day I was not keen. Nevertheless, not wishing to put him off I reluctantly agreed to his proposal and so set up, began streaming, and…

Double plus gorgeous! His photos just don’t do him justice. To go with the gorgeousness he’s very sweet, very kind, very fit. Very much my type (tall; slim; not so far up his own arse there isn’t room for anyone else; and apparently afflicted by very poor eyesight!)

Poor eyesight, you ask? Well he seemed unaccountably taken with what he saw – and the camera does not love Frumpella. Yes, 27 February is still on for our date…

We chatted and chatted for hours and hours... and I’ll admit our conversation did tend to Rule one. Yes, the rule still stands; but we did carefully explore what the boundaries of rule might be, as it was agreed that we were mutually predisposed to some friendliness on the occasion of our meeting.

Since then we have called each other, texted, exchanged emails and he even 'phoned me today at work to see how my day was going.

What a sweetheart! Yes, he makes Frumpella a very cheerful (and very friendly) Fairy indeed.

I shall, of course, tell you about the other guys in due course… but in the meantime I must admit I’m glad I didn’t just rush off into an ill advised Rule 2 type date and took my time, insisting we stick to the end of the month. Well, even on this blog there’s a first time for everything!


Monty said...

Wahooo! All fingers and toes crossed for you my friend! He sounds very nice indeed!!!!!!

Mike said...

Yes he does seem nice... stay tuned for the 27 Feb!!