Monday, 1 September 2008

The Experiment

So September then! And already it’s busy, busy, busy!

I started the new job today. I have a sore throat and a bit of a temperature; and I got a bit flustered on the way there as my train was very delayed and they closed the footpath on Westminster Bridge - meaning I had to play a few rounds of “Oh yeah? We’ll see who rusts first” with the traffic to get from A to B. But at B I did arrive, only a meritorious four minutes late.

I have a nice large desk in a nice large office. House of Fraser beneath me, a roof garden to the left of me, views of the most valuable real-estate in Christendom to the front of me. Very nice.

And on top of that four new clients hard on the heels of each other today – very exciting – plus a good (gay) friend of mine is keen to change jobs so I helped him with his CV; and of course my endless pursuit of man-flesh continues unabated.

Yes, a busy day! It means I haven’t really had much of a chance to have any real me time, but I love being busy so that’s just fine. Especially if it helps to pay for trips out to Banbury, and nights out in London.

And as if there wasn’t enough to occupy me, gentle reader, I hit today apon a scheme so cunning my head would explode if I even began to understand what I was thinking about.

I have (let te deums be sung in every church in the land) a second date with the Academic on Wednesday and for various reasons things have been pretty chaste so far. This business with the previous guy has got me feeling somewhat reticent about whether or not I should let things progress to sex when we meet. I’m not staying the night and it would be nice to see how things go with this one… of course, I can get far too excited to care (he is a very passionate kisser which is a double plus turn-on for me) so who knows?

But, I also have a date on Thursday. I have been exchanging texts messages with this guy for a while now and they have taken on a somewhat adult character of late – well, blisteringly pornographic really – with no real end in sight. I think it is fairly clear that we will meet at a ‘scene‘ venue, and pretty quickly heading back to his place for… naughtiness.

That, however, makes me wonder whether this will be a one night stand and like so many men I’ve met off OUT he’ll just be out to get what he wants. Hell, I’ve been dumped four times since this blog began – I’m allowed to be a bit uncertain.

So this is the experiment: one guy gets chaste, sweet, innocent good Mike. The other gets naughty, horny, better Mike.

The results will be announced in due course, gentle reader. In the meantime, apologies to Family Guy, and watch me weep for my cruel fate!

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Monty said...

Oooh, I like the busy Mike! Sounds like nice work digs by the way! :-) Oh, and I like the sound of your week - you can be all Fraulein Maria (as in How-do-you-solve-a-problem-like...) on your date with The Academic and then slut it up with the OUT guy on Thursday! Sounds perfect! :-)