Friday, 26 September 2008


Hello there, gentle reader! How goes it? The sun is shining in Fairyland today, and everything’s just as wonderful as could be. It’s been one of those days today; gorgeous weather, actually getting somewhere at work, strangers smiling back at me, catching up with friends. I’m so lucky, I really am.

I got my first pay from my new job today so I went out and bought myself a very cute alarm clock – a retro one with the two bells on the top. Expensive and gorgeous; much like yourself.

As for the rest, I do have some work to do this weekend but apart from that it’s all fun, maybe a bit of retail therapy tomorrow before I meet International. Then of course is my date. Academic on Sunday, Nick on Tuesday and jetting off into the sunset on Thursday.

I was talking with a friend – the one who was moving to Brighton but now has decided to join the Army… - about what kind of guy he was looking for and I realised I don’t really have a type per se. I tend to default to someone like me; and as I put it to my friend I’m desperate, not blind!

The age range I started with on various profiles was 28 to 32 (as I was 30 that seemed OK). Happy experience made me move to 25 to 40. Reality has seen 20 to 54.

A method suggested to me on OUT was half my age plus eight as a base (24) and then my upper limit would be someone else’s lower limit at 31 – someone aged up to *gasp* 46. That system works well it would seem – if you’re 18 (lucky b*tch), the range is 17 to 20. If you’re 50 it goes 33 to 84.

Anyway, I suppose it’s good to be open minded – I’m still finding out what I like really, though, rather than being open to anyone. I feel bad sometimes when someone expresses an interest but they’re not my type (see, I can do it gentle reader) and I feel terribly shallow for not liking, for example, overweight men. And I avoid ones with no ‘face-pic’. Bad, I know. But then I don’t like the pretty boys, overly camp gayers or bitchy queens. So, then someone like me. Perhaps my Mr Right is a man made of mirrors?

Let us then examine my lovers (oh what a thrill to write in such terms). All are white. Early to mid 30s. Medium build. My height or taller, but not much. Different hair colour, eye colour, etc. All are educated professionals. Personalities differ markedly; as do ‘styles. They range from the endlessly romantic to the entirely selfish. But they all have aspects that I like [well, d’uh] so here we are. My book is yet unwritten but still a spanking good read. I hope.

Well, I’m in too good a mood to derive any powerful insights today so I leave you with not one, but two [count ‘em] vids. Share and Enjoy.

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Soul Seared Dreamer said...

I love how honestly this post reads.

Friday really was a gorgeous day.

Where you headed off to?