Saturday, 13 September 2008

Lucifer's baby brother

The Academic came, he saw, he conquered… And now he’s gone, back to Oxford for a night on the tiles and I’m here with a nice Merlot [the diet’s going well then?] and some Norah Jones. Phew, what a weekend! What fun we had – it’ll take me a couple of days to recover methinks. It’s nice to be with someone who likes to be adventurous and whose sex-drive is as high as my own, even if that does mean indulging tastes that normally wouldn’t fall within my normal parameters.

I think I’ll be seeing him again…

Is the Academic boyfriend material? I have, in fact, 99% decided not. There is neither Soldier nor Justice flanking this Lover; but a fine lover he remains and one I shall keep, trophy like, for the time being.

In Germany you have to pay a religious tax, or tithe, of about 5% of your income – unless, that is, you can prove that you are an atheist. It seems somewhat Kafkaesque to have to prove the absence of a something that is in itself the acceptance of a thing without proof of the thing: a requirement to demonstrate you have no faith. It occurred to me that the religious demand faith in God but sometimes neglect the argument that God demands that we have faith not only in Him but in each-other. Let he who is without sin throw the first custard pie, people in glass houses might occasionally want to close the curtains etc etc.

Well, I have enormous faith in people. Sometimes too much. Sometimes, because I’m human, too little. I’m very shy (honest) and almost never trust; but I’m often touched by the random acts of kindness that I see every day, and how – as I’ve written before – when you smile the world smiles with you. So then, it is not disappointment, bitterness, an unwillingness to make that leap, or – heaven take all arguably reasonable steps to forefend – a broken heart that makes me do this, but simply the need for a holiday.

For one month from today there will be no dating, no searching for a boyfriend, no looking for Mr Right. Just a holiday. It is in fact six months to the very day that I started this blog, so I suppose that works. But (here’s the science bit) over those 26 weeks I’ve dated an average of 2.6 men per week and slept with just under half of them of them. So a break is in order, no? That doesn't mean no sex, of course - for the devil makes work for idle hands ;-)

Believe me though, gentle reader, in one month I shall be back in the saddle continuing my look for Mr Right.; because I do want a boyfriend and I don’t accept that not-looking is the only way to make him magically appear. To paraphrase a character from one of my favourite films (V for vendetta) I will have roses, and apologise to no-one.


czechOUT said...

Often things find you when you aren't looking.


Monty said...

We still want details of exactly what the Academic to you! ;-)

Otherwise, have a wonderful holiday! You will, of course, continue blogging whilst on holidays won't you? Or at least, an update every few days or so?

And keep looking Mr! I love the saying "God helps he who helps himself" - get out there and grab life by the short and curlies! Mr Right is out there, you've both gotta find each other, that's all. :-)