Monday, 8 September 2008


I wonder sometimes where time goes. Today I had work, then chased - as I seem ever to do - clients for actual payment, had a delivery as soon as I got home, needed to clean the place up as I’m having the bathroom retiled, then whilst baking a cake and preparing my lunches for the remainder of the week I did some of the work I brought home with me… and it’s still only Monday.

Well, fortunate then that this week I have no dates! Well, not till Friday at least. And if memory serves this is about the second or third such week where I have been man free since I started this blog. So I’m going to have a little break: a mini-man-detox if you will. Not the full man-detox that August was supposed to bring, but that month was when Gareth swept me right back onto my feet; so perhaps a little quiet time is overdue.

As for Captain Thursday and Man Saturday, I’ve invited both of them for second date next week, not this, and if that goes nowhere then so be it. I’ve done all I can; certainly [hopefully] neither can have serious complaint and in the meantime I’m not looking for anyone else.

Also, I’m on the next phase of my diet which is very restrictive. No alcohol, no men… all work and no play makes this a dull blog! But the mundane over mendaciousness for the time being, be you never so indulgent of my whims gentle reader. Well, there’s still retail therapy and catching up with my neglected friends...

Rescue comes in the form of the Academic yet again; this time he’s coming to me on Friday and heading back Saturday. He got a bit bruised by our antics last weekend but he’s well on the mend, so it’s looking like a fun couple of days ahead. Of course I now have to clean the place from top to bottom and generally make good the flat, but that never did me any harm!

Yes, date four for me and the Academic. I have developed a certain fondness for him over the last few weeks. For a while there I was keen to try having two or three boyfriends on the go, but with my history that was probably a bit of wishful thinking! I may just stick with the Academic, who knows? We shall all have to wait and see.


Monty said...

I still can't wait to hear the details of the Academic's fetishes... ;-)

czechOUT said...

Was there ever such a full (or indeed over-complicated) life?

Baking cakes and making lunch.

What more can I say. I envy you. Well, in part.

But flip more shares or pay off mortgage quicker? (That's for me).