Monday, 29 September 2008


This weekend was another busy one for me – but then these days they always are! On Saturday I saw International for lunch and we ended up in a ruined church/rose garden near St Paul’s Cathedral for a steamy smooching session. Only three days till we’re off to sunny Spain… I’m so excited!

On Saturday evening I had my exception that proves the rule date, even though I said I was going to take a month off – we’re barely half way through in fact: but as this guy was the only real prospect on the horizon I’m going to add it to the dissonance pile and carry on regardless (I know some of you think I’ve had quite enough ‘regardless’ to be going on with, but here we are).

Actually he and I got on really well. I know first dates only usually go on for a couple of hours but we met at 5 and didn’t part company till the early hours.

Being a small world I know this guy indirectly in three ways. Firstly, he’s the ex of a neighbour of mine. Secondly, he and International know each other vaguely. And finally his work brings him into contact with the former partner of my friend and former boss. Keeping up?

Anyway, at the end of the night we did kiss a bit, but Rule 1 won out in the end - it was a photo finish, though. Oh my, yes ;-)

Yes, it was a really good first date. We were so similar in our tastes and sense of humour we joked we may as well head to City Hall and get hitched right then! Well, all encouraging signs I think. Let us hope that there will be a date two. I’ve already asked him and he said yes, but then it’s gone a bit quiet… perhaps he’s changed his mind. Though I must say if that kind of first date doesn’t merit a second outing then I’m at a loss.

Academic stayed the night on Sunday but, on the down side, we ended things this morning. Mutually and with no hard feelings – we both agreed things had run their course; we really had very little in common and I suspect he found me a bit distant, which his only natural with International on the scene. I feel sad about it, but not distressed. It was the right time to call it a day.

International himself is delighted by this turn of events as he would like to have me all to himself. Somewhat selfish if you consider he already has a long term partner! Well, I still have Nick to console me – despite his annoying tendency to make a booty call in the early hours which plays hob with my sleep patterns.

Also, you may remember that my old lover new-V took me to a very special party in Brixton a while ago? Well, out of the blue I’ve been invited by the organisers to attend another one on Tuesday. But I’m not going to go. I didn’t enjoy the last one so much – an experience for reminiscence not replication. After all, maybe I am having enough regardless to be going on with.


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