Sunday, 7 September 2008


I embody any number of unlovable virtues but patience is assuredly not one of them. A desire for instant gratification has contributed greatly toward my tendency to get infatuated. Part of it is that (despite the increasingly strident and panic stricken evidence of my mirror to the contrary) I’ve always felt about 18 on the inside, and since coming out and the coincident, if untimely, death of my accountant have removed the only two impediments to indulging that feeling I have nothing really holding me back.

I'm back from Saturday night and most of Sunday with the Academic. I arrived at about 7pm on Saturday night, and he’d cooked a sumptuous dinner whose courses were interrupted by lots of double-plus naughtiness (I didn’t want to wait for chocolate cake). Then a lovely long snuggly lie in on Sunday morning before even more naughtiness and an afternoon in front of the tele’ with more snuggles and – gosh - more naughtiness till it was time for me to head home.

He’s quite the fetishist, the Academic, but nothing too sinister in his tastes so it was a bit of fun to indulge him. As you might have gathered, gentle reader, I’m aware of what I like and he fits the bill very nicely! Still, next time he’s going to have to come down to London so I can play the host and then indulge him all the more.

Saturday’s lunch date went very well – it was a salad, the National Gallery, and then some window shopping on Oxford Street. He had to get back about the same time I needed to catch my train so that worked out rather well. We really hit it off actually. He and I met through Parship which is, unusually, all done with psychometrics – no username, no pictures. This is the first time I’ve had a sense that it works; I think whatever happens he and I could be great friends! But I’d like to see first what 'whatever' might be…

As for Thursday’s fella: very quiet on that front. A few messages back and forth but tonight it seems he’s out to dinner, and we’ll catch up tomorrow, so that would be yet another imposition on my finite patience. Hmmm.

Actually, it’s not that bad. A while ago, though I never blogged about it (there have been a few!), I had a nice assignation with a local guy. Anyway and we recently go back in touch. It was a bit bizarre – double take “hang on – I know you…” but I’ve found before it’s a small world. Well, he kept me entertained on Sunday night, and who knows? Maybe we’ll hook up again some time.

On the serious side I don’t really enjoy the nervous “does he like me? Will he want to see me again” side of things, which is why I sometimes despair at how many guys just can’t seem to say “It’s not you; it’s me – I’m the one that doesn’t find you attractive. So thanks, but no thanks.”. This really is why I was craving distraction and entertainment tonight; the affirmation that would bring. I’m in the mood to indulge myself a bit right now - so impatiently here I sit and wait, I sit and wait…

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