Wednesday, 17 September 2008

I ride a white horse

This weekend I shall once again be heading up to Banbury for more delicious fun with the Academic. He’s a devil for making me travel all that way for a taste of man-flesh! But he’ll have to come to me the time after this as I’ve promised him dinner in Canary Wharf; after all we should do more than indoor sports when he’s down here.

So far so good on the detox – no dates…

Well, OK; both the guys I’ve written about before (one from OUT, the other from gaydar) want to meet up. I’m stringing things out as long as possible – there are still 26 days to go after all.

I should, I suppose, take the time to think about what I really want but it’s hard right now as I Kissed A Boy last night (and I liked it). Mmmm. Distraction.

Yes, last night I went for a drink with someone I met from, you’ve guessed it gentle reader, OUT. It was meant to be just a sociable thing – we’d been discussing going running together and so on. It was not a date. We met in Barcode in Vauxhall and essentially really hit it off – helped by a fair amount of beer if truth be told. And, as the night wore on one thing led to another and…

We were all over each other right the way along the Albert Embankment; anyone at home in Lambeth Palace in particular will now require little imagination to understand exactly what it is they disapprove of. What the hell; is that so terrible?

A good kisser, especially one who likes to publicly AND who knows how to work that special area on my neck… well, he holds the key to the tradesman’s entrance of my Magic Kingdom and no mistake.

It really is amazing how horny he’s made me. I haven’t been this turned on by a guy for some time. Certainly our exchange of messages today hasn’t helped keep my mind off him at all. What can I say? He’s just gorgeous – seriously – intelligent and incredibly ‘sorted’. Virtually as perfect as I am not. Perhaps he stimulates me so as I see who I should be and want to become?

The down side – well, it’s a big one. In the form of the boyfriend of 11 years. Ouch. Still, they’re, to quote: “mostly monogamous… but I need my freedom”. I wouldn’t dream of even trying to usurp – that would be bad and wrong, and fly in the face of what I myself hope to achieve with Someone someday. But, I shall operate my dissonance filters at maximum capacity and definitely see him again. He himself (the exhibitionist that he is) suggested a venue called Nudity. That sounds like a plan!

In the meantime I took part online in a sexual health survey that quite shocked me. I’m at or near the bottom of virtually every one of the ‘activity’ based questions. Though I'm careful and hence pretty sure I'm disease free (time for a check-up though) it did make me feel like a bit of a tart. If you live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland then take the test yourself – their website also has lots of useful info (and the inadvertent pointers toward certain websites and magazines are much appreciated too ;-p )


czechOUT said...

I know what you mean about not wanting to be the home wrecker.

When I met mon C he was in a relationship in its dying days if not already dead. If I'm honest it was over already. The hardest thing of all though was to think I would cause it to finally dissolve.
I'd despise someone for doing it to me. But on balance I'd realise it wasn't their fault.

If it's broke already it's broke.

But in the event, the other ended up having to leave London and go back to France, and back, I understand into a transient lifestyle.

Sorry, I'm just off to bed and I can't really bring it together in a more considered fashion-you just get the overview of thoughts


J said...

your blog never fails to make me laugh (ie, “mostly monogamous… but I need my freedom”) - and 'tart' is a relative term. and who said it was even a bad one?? and best of luck w/this new guy.....