Thursday, 18 September 2008

More about Ouch!

Yesterday saw a return visit to Das Boot with my former colleagues which was fun – though I didn’t really have a restful night’s sleep last night, and that will never do; I’m out again tomorrow with the guy I met on Tuesday. He wanted to see me tonight but no – I had not taken the extensive steps I require to make myself double plus pretty for a… well, not date – however much a rose by any other name might still smell the same.

I originally had plans tonight for a second date with one of the two who unwittingly were part in the Great Experiment; well, he cancelled – officially just postponed. Perhaps another time then, as we insincerely promised each other… and if that time is the second half of October then so much the better.

I confessed on Wednesday to my former colleagues that I had on a very small number of occasions had an assignation at work (though not with acutal colleagues). I didn’t dare reveal this or blog about it before lest I was sacked on the spot. The trysting place was an unused floor of the building and there truly was something very exciting it. Frankly, I missed the option today because I could have used the relief. The messages between this Tuesday guy and I have me getting very hot under the collar, gentle reader.

Tuesday’s guy: let us christen him International (as in Man of Mystery). He claims a need for discretion because he’s a public figure – and in fact next week he’s at the UN; thus explaining his need for urgency. He strongly suggested taking me to New York on Monday but I think I spy a little fib to help crowbar my pants off.

Well, we’re meeting on Friday in Soho. I know* we’re never going to be boyfriends, as ‘Ouch’ is still around. And I’m not infatuated – but he really makes me horny. Sorry, gentle reader, but the physical side, and in truth the promise of the physical side, is incredibly intense.

I sort of understand where this is coming from. International and Ouch have an age difference of 15 years or so and International – the younger party – feels the romance is gone from their relationship. Hence his intense physical side with me [pop psychology, anyone?]. He’s going to stay with Ouch but enjoy the thrill (if I’m not flattering myself) of being with yours truly.

Well, that’s what I think – and I’m fine with that. Considering the ongoing detox it’s nice timing really!

In other news I have finally booked a sexual health check up at my local GP surgery, though I must admit the receptionist at the surgery seed to have a little trouble grasping exactly what I needed, so I remain not 100% convinced of what’s going to happen next Tuesday – you’ll read it here first though!

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Monty said...

Our Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, is going to be at the UN next week...OMG, you're screwing the PM!!! :-)