Friday, 5 September 2008

101 Damnations

I feel I should apologise for my sometimes spelling and grammar. One of my silly self-imposed rules, like what we all has and that, is once anyone comments on a post it is bad form to change it as that risks invalidating the comment; it’s just something I hold myself to. So I now look in frustration at some of the things I’ve written knowing I can’t really fix them. I’m sorry for some of the terrible typos and grammatical gaffs; I nevertheless promise nothing for the future!

Now that that’s that and out of the way, let me tell you the results of my Experiment!!

On Wednesday I had the second date with the Academic. After a quick drink in a pub we went back to his place for dinner. And dinner was followed by muches smooches, as these things so often are, and I must admit that despite my best intentions I did let him [make him] take me upstairs for some post-prandial naughtiness too.

Yes, it was all very nice. The Academic is a great kisser; it is rare for me to have to stop someone doing something because it’s too good! But with him… well, he could have taken me kitten-stomping afterward and I still would have enjoyed his company. So naturally my clothes fell off.

Was the experiment a success? Well, on Saturday evening I’m travelling up to Banbury again to spend the whole weekend! I do hope the bad weather currently battering Britain doesn’t interfere with my travel plans. We were originally going to see each other next Thursday, but we brought it forward… because sometimes it’s nice to be naughty.

On Thursday gone there was a date with yet another guy met through OUT. As mentioned previously he and I had been flirting for weeks and when we met we did have a good time. We ended up going to three different bars and I must admit I got a bit tipsy, so some smooching was as far as it got – we did in fact shock an elderly couple with our antics after I walked him back to his bus stop.

So, again, another success – of sorts. I was/am worried that it would/will be a one-off date but it seems he wants to see me again too (we exchanged a few messages on Friday). Much as I’d love that, we shall see. He’s scarily like me, and we’ve had very similar life experiences - came out at the same age and so on. However on blanace I just don’t know; I couldn’t really tell whether he ‘liked’ me or not, so at the moment I’m trying to put myself in a mental space where I won’t be too disappointed if things don’t progress any further.

Nevertheless things overall are looking pretty fine. Especially if you consider I’ve been averaging about five hours sleep a night with this new job – I did bring papers home to work over the weekend before my plans changed. I can work on the train at least!

But before I go up to Banbury again there is – what are the odds? - another date to be had with someone I met through Parship. We’re having lunch in Soho on Saturday – well, I have a few hours to kill between swimming and catching my train, May as well make them man-hours! So I reckon there'll be more to report after the weekend, gentle reader, may yours leave you walking almost as funny as mine will.

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Monty said...

You're such a man-whore sometimes...I love it! LOL Glad to see that the Academic appears to be working out...hope you enjoy your weekend with him...look forward to seeing the written report! ;-)