Sunday, 14 September 2008


It never rains but it pours; a jug. Get it? LOL. WTF? GSOH? LMFAO. GCH.

One day into my man detox and not one, not two, but three guys - oh my!

Where to begin? I spent most of today doing various things around the business; including, joy of joys, getting paid by two different clients. As most of my clients like my work they tend to recommend me to friends and colleagues and this is no different so one of the nicest things is I now have new leads for future business.

Anyway, after sorting that out I jumped onto gaydar as I sometimes still do to see if there’s anything doing. To my surprise I had a message from a guy whose profile I looked at recently but whom I did not follow up. It was a nice message humorously complaining about the fact I had not pursued him despite him being perfect for me etc – so of course I had to reply.

Similarly on OUT This morning I had a lovely message from a man who claims never to do this sort of thing but was so enamoured with my loveliness [naturally enough, I would suggest ;o) ] that he just had to get in touch. And, again, I just had to reply.

Well, in my defence I would argue that, man detox or none, to not reply would simply be the height of bad manners.

As for the third guy; he too is from gaydar and we have been dancing round each other for quite a while. Today he finally took the plunge and suggested that we meet up this afternoon. And what did I say? Well, I said no. Or rather: not right now. I’m not sure really why. I think, in truth, because he is insanely good looking and I’m feeling a little frumpy at the moment – my new job has prompted a minor attack of acne [Yuk!] and whilst not serious at all it has made me feel somewhat self-conscious.

Here I am justifying why I didn’t just jump into bed with someone… how times change! Though I am going to go back to using gaydar, I have decided, a little more frequently for the time being; just because I don’t want to do the boyfriend thing right now, doesn’t mean I don’t want to do…

If the worst comes to the worst I’m sure these first two guys can wait four weeks to meet – we’ll be in touch in the meantime no doubt. However, the man detox remains in force!


Monty said...

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! A self-enforced man-drought is terrible!!! How will we cope without your daily update of man-loving??? :-)

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

A man-diet huh? Hell if anyone is gonna understand.. its me. Only coz I'm on one myself.

Dare I ask what caused yours? Bear in mind I'm in a fragile place and still need to believe in Disney's famed "happilly ever after". LOL.


PS - will definitely invite u2 da new blog - just aiming 2catch up every1s blog b4 I get back in2 blogging myself.