Monday, 22 September 2008

Heading South

I’m so busy at the moment it seems I rarely have time to stop. Tomorrow I have my clinic appointment for a long overdue sexual health check-up. It’s a free same day service at the local hospital, which is handy. I know I keep going on about it, but I’m really quite scared – though I know there’s a 97% plus chance that everything is fine if it isn’t my whole world is going to come to a juddering halt right there.

In the meantime, while my world still turns, International has invited me to join him in Spain the weekend after next for a naughty few days away. Impulsively, I’ve decided to go; blowing £ hundreds I don’t have on a last minute flight to the Iberian Peninsula. Oh my. How… well, romantic. I must admit the shine was somewhat taken off by International insisting I have to leave before his mum arrives (!) – something I haven’t heard the like of for about 15 years. But still, a long weekend on the south coast of Spain intertwined with my favourite lover. Don’t expect too many posts during those few days ;-p

As for the detox… well, I’ve sort-of fallen off the wagon gentle reader. I have a date on Saturday with someone who contacted me through OUT. My first date for a couple of weeks. Who knows what might happen? We’re meeting at 5 because I know either International or Nick will be making a call on my time over the weekend – possibly both – and I don’t want to end up rushing hither and thither across London at all hours juggling men and trying to keep up with my work (yet more clients today hurrah). Saturday’s date seems nice – well, he would, or I shouldn’t date him! But it was nice the way he broke his rule to contact me; so why not bend mine to meet him? To quote him “I'm quite good looking, but I am also relatively brainy and not without charm or humour”. Well, there we are then.

Perhaps it is time to meet more people. One of my many assignations, you see, has over time become a friend of mine - which is nice. However, I found out today that he is moving from quite near to me to live and work in Brighton. That made me feel a bit sad. Naturally our friendship won't end because of it. But we continue to flirt and reminisce and again I hope that won't end because he’s moved to the south coast of England; I shall certainly visit him and in the meantime I have suggested a suitable going away present *ahem*.

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