Sunday, 13 July 2008

Return of the Invisible Boyfried

I'm a bit battered today, gentle reader, as I was hit by a cyclist while walking along the river. I'll be OK, though - a bruised back and a knackered wrist; it could have been a lot worse. Anyway....

After Wednesday I didn’t hear from Mark so on Friday I emailed him to see what was happening at the weekend. It turned out he was free! So I suggested that, short of ready cash as I am, we have a quiet night in at mine on Saturday (dinner, a film etc) and go for a long walk somewhere on Sunday. You know: the kind of stuff couples do.

Mark promised to call me on Saturday, which was fine, and on the day I busied myself cleaning the flat (sort of) and getting on with some websites for some clients! Yes, paying work – hurrah!

As the morning became the afternoon and I heard nothing I sensed my mood changing and the dark clouds gathering. I began to imagine him not calling and me by the phone once again as it didn’t ring and getting increasingly sad and angry… I guess I still have a way to go before I believe he’ll do what he says he will.

Yet my bad faith was once again misplaced as he did indeed call. It would seem that my man went out on Friday and got horribly drunk. It seems he was feeling rather worse for wear, therefore, when he called and said he was going to crawl back to bed until Sunday; but that we should go out for dinner then.

I cautioned him that I was on me uppers but he insisted it would be his treat – so I said it would be my treat next time. And that was that.

As an aside I try not to let Mark pay for things/treat me as we have a wide disparity of income. I have a generous income, it’s true, but Mark it seems not so much works in a bank as owns one (well the family does I gather – it’s quite complex) so for him the price of things is ever so slightly less of an issue than for me. For my own security and peace of mind I try to ensure that we go 50/50 on everything; and this is one of the reasons why a night in was my proposal.

Plus of course a quiet night in has its charms… Still it saves me from more cleaning I suppose!

Anyway, Mark booked a table at 8:00 at a Thai/Spanish restaurant very near to where he lives (hurrah) and so I business myself on Sunday afternoon trying to look all pretty and that, and arriving early I go to his place first to collect him (muches smooches) before we the restaurant – which had live music, to add that je ne sais qui to our evening.

And after that it was back to his again for a night cap and double plus muches smooches to round off the evening.

Now, unfortunately I couldn’t stay the night because he had to be up extra early so I made my way back home, very tired but very, very happy; and before I left I insisted we had to see each other more often and try and work some synergy [blech] between our busy schedules (for example, he’s away for work Thursday through Saturday, and I’m away for work the Sunday through Wednesday after – BOO! It isn't fair).

Aw, the long and short of it is I’m soooo loved up, gentle reader. But then again *deep breath* why not? I may have to consider seriously falling for this one...

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