Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Bride of the Invisible Boyfriend

Well, I’m just back from sunny Devon after a marathon work session. It took an hour by taxi to get to the hotel after 3½ hours on the train after a pretty full day at work – so I was exhausted when I got there!

Devon is beautiful part of the world; I grew up not-a-million-miles from there in rural Wiltshire before the bright lights of the big city and repressed-homosexuality brought me to London town. I miss it sometimes (a slower pace of life to be sure) and still have good friends in that part of the world that I’m particularly looking forward to visiting me soon!

I stayed in a beautiful hotel in a tiny village; and I ‘noticed’ that one whole wall of the room I was given was a giant mirror. If there wasn’t a secret room on the other side of there…

It was a double room and when I got to bed I couldn’t sleep unless I was on MY side not Mark's! I guess it was the first time that I realised we’ve settled into a routine (for all that we hardly see each other!).

Unfortunately the only thing I got from the mirror wall was a realisation of how frumpy I am – yes, I have let the diet slip somewhat! If all the world's a stage, I need better lighting. A knock to the self-image I could do without, I tell you. I’m going to have to try something radical with the diet; and first of all I’m going to buy the bike my sporty-neighbour’s been begging me to get!

While I was away I realised that I must be in the back of beyond as, entirely without internet access AND with no reception on my phone I could do NOTHING. So I couldn’t wait to get back to ‘civilisation’ in particular contact His Nibs to see if there was anything doing – and bless his heart, if he hadn’t sent me a message to say he was thinking of me! Of course I demanded to know what he was thinking, and I await a response!!

As an aside I think one of the nicest ways in which the various crises I’ve subjected myself to have worked out is my appreciation for those little things. God, he doesn't know what he's in for next time we meet…

So now I’m back, loved up, drinking win on an empty stomach (diet, you say?) trying to convince a (gay) friend to celebrate his 26th birthday properly on Friday and watching Sex and the City.

La la la. How lucky am I?


Monty said...'ve had some "win" and are all loved up and ready to watch SATC! All's well that ends well, hey! ;-) Enjoy your new "married" situation!!!!! Wahooooooo!!!

Mike said...

Oh damn. Sorry about the spelling!