Thursday, 17 July 2008

New Adventures of the Invisible Boyfriend

I am the liveried footman, the obsequious person; I am the lackey. Hence my lachrymose state remains hidden and I maintain as best I can a lacertian façade of indifference to my woeful plight.

Yeah, OK, the dictionary was open at ‘L’ today. ‘L’ stands for loneliness. ‘L’ stands for lech.

I am, you see, very disappointed that Mark disappeared off again without getting in touch. Of course, it was a work thing and yeah, I accept he was busy. I suppose making room for one another in each other’s life is going to be an ongoing project. But… well, he’s been making much more of an effort recently so I’m a little disappointed by this setback. I try very hard to give him his space and be ‘low maintenance’ so I fear I must make do without much complaint and change the system from within.

Yes, gentle reader; boyfriend provocateur.

Well, I’ve told him a few times I want to see him more often and how much I like him so I guess he knows how I feel… to an extent.

Hey, I’m not putting myself back on the market anytime soon. Mark = Happy; so here at least I continue to effect extravagant passions pending the real thing.

In the meantime work continues its recent roller-coaster ride; I have (shhh - it's a secret) got an interview in a week for a project management post at the Strategic Health Authority that I really want so I guess preparing for that'll keep me busy...

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