Sunday, 27 July 2008


If misadventure has only made darker the abyss then we must shine the light into the dark places and see if real adventure lurks within.

This weekend was marvellous and fun packed virtually entirely sans les hommes. On Saturday a couple of old [high] school friends came to visit me which was fantastic. It really had been years, though the medium of email and Facebook has allowed us to keep in touch. We did the touristy thing and went on the London Eye, which I quite enjoyed though I loath heights; and slowly but surely we wended our way back to mine for champers – though I had not cleaned as I didn’t think they’d want to come all the way to my flat so that was a bit mortifying.

Sunday I had a brief and, sadly, quite unfulfilling assignation with a couple of nice chaps not too far from chez moi; then afterward I joined a couple of neighbours sunning themselves in Greenwich Park which was fun. I’m probably lobsterlicious after all that sun but it was such a nice weekend it’s worth it. And to top it all off my friend and former date 'D' got back in touch after a mammoth six-week strop because I didn't want to see Prince Caspian with him!

As for the coming week: I have arranged four dates over the next seven days (and there’s another guy I’m trying to get a date from, and another who I will go out with at some point after the coming week) so I’m definitely getting back out there. I’m trying not to do the ‘rebound’ thing but I suppose one of the OK things about Mark is that, in a way, I had to get over him whilst still, at least nominally, being with him. Either way I suspect my extraordinary ability to get infatuated with a guy will not yet have been exhausted.

Hmmm. I really do need that new naming convention.

But then how to get any of them into full-on relationship territory? People say “just be yourself”. I mean, for crying out loud! “Just be yourself” is a stock answer to anything to do with relationships, or any interaction with another person in life.

“How do I get my date to like me?” – “Just be yourself”

“How do I succeed at the interview?” – “Just be yourself”

“The islanders are about to sacrifice me to appease Great Eke-P’tang Wa, the fiery volcano god. What do I do?” - “Just be yourself”

If just being myself worked then I would be happily ensconced in some love nest somewhere blog-less and sore!

Still, If I’m not the answer then perhaps it is the question being asked that is wrong; after all twilight is sunrise on the other side of the world.

Enjoy White Ninja!

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