Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Augustus Princepus

Recently on OUT there was a poll about the traits members found most attractive in a man. You wanna see the list? Here’s the list:

good manners;
a nice smile;
nice eyes;
‘down to earth’;
interested in others;
environmentally conscious;
emotional intelligence;

I’m not brave really, and I don’t have a nice smile at all. Apart from that I embody in some way most of the list. Not all the time though; catch me on a bad day and… well, I could care less about my carbon footprint! I’m not sure either if I fully represent “the ability of two liquids to mix and form a homogenous solution” but I try. Anyway one of the most important things about this list is that some of my dates contributed to it. Thanks for the tips guys ;-)

No, I think my problem is a certain emotional immaturity – and being a frumpy baggage of course. It is interesting though that the obvious physical characteristics are absent from the above list – and the louche certainly.

Speaking of which Date 1 was due to occur today but just as I was about to go shopping for a new posh-frock to wear when I met him, he cancelled on me. This has annoyed me somewhat as I was quite looking forward to a night out. Now I’m going to be a bit domestic and will probably have an early night. BOO! Well, at least I’ll have plenty of beauty sleep for Date 2.

Last night I was chatting to his guy who was about 20 and who said he hadn’t been on a date for a year and hadn’t enjoyed his conjugals for longer than that. I tried to get him to go out and enjoy himself but he seemed to think that, to quote him, he was ‘Plan B’ to most guys. I think it is really sad that someone so young is hiding himself away – I’m hardly able to offer advice about the search for Herr Recht but naturally I do think he should enjoy his youth to the fullest possible extent. He is quite a looker too – far too young for me of course, though he was very complimentary about my profile.

As for me, I’m going to enjoy my dates as and how they come and – though miffed about being cancelled – I’m going to enjoy the month of August and still intend take a well deserved break from being boyfriend-hunting. Instead I shall [try to] enjoy my peri-birthday period on its own merits! Of course there's always eye-candy... memo to self: become gorgeous.

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czechOUT said...

what is miscibility? I know I could google it, but it sounds worth waiting for.

Well, I can see that you have at least 2 out of the top 5.

Me, well by my reckoning I have about 10 or 11.