Wednesday, 30 April 2008


The hardest decision I have ever, ever made was not to go home with ‘H’ on Monday night. I’ve never had to walk funny after a date before. Without the other thing that is... ;-)

‘H’ and I met at Leicester Sq (exit 4 should anyone want to start some kind of tour group or something) and it was as close to love at first sight as I’d ever be willing to credit the real world…

The Cheesy Bit: we went to a bar that was, naturally enough, relatively empty on a Monday night; so we got a glass of wine and sat down and talked and when, later he said “I’m hoping for a kiss by the end of the night” (but better than I write it here) I said “you can have one now” and, yes, he had one! And that one kiss had itself one-thousand more…

He moved from the sofa opposite to share the one I sat on, and eventually we sat with him in my arms, my head on his shoulder, the rest of the night spent kissing and talking and just generally CLICKING on every level. And I mean the kind of finish-your-sentences-click you hear about but don’t quite believe. Until it happens!

Amazingly (to me at least) by photo he wasn’t my type, and in truth I was a bit reticent about meeting but we really, really hit it off. So, of course, in my bedazzled infatuation I led him down the wrong street twice on my mission to find Le Bar. But once we were there we spent so much time talking about every detail of our lives and now I know so much about this great guy…

At 10:30[pm], very reluctantly, (and at the increasingly strident and panic stricken suggestion of the bar staff) we made our way home; separately, though, to my eternal and insurmountable delight we had already agreed to meet again, on Friday (my place, DVD, etc etc...)

At the risk of being saccharine these are the texts we’ve exchanged since then:

Mike: Hi! I had a great time meeting you today; can’t wait to see you again. Let’s definitely meet Friday. If not before!

Hxxxxx: Definitely; I’m tending toward before. I had a lovely time and you are a great guy; I was about to text you but you beat me to it. I miss you already (cheesy; I don’t care!)

M: Not too cheesy at all! Want to kiss you all the more. Have a good night. X.

H: Night babe XXX


H: Hey Mr… couldn’t help myself thought I just had to say Hi and see how your day is going! XXX

M: Hey you! Been thinking about you all day! Really want to see you again soon.

H: Me too! Am free on Thursday if you want to go for a drink or a meal :-)

M: Friday definitely. But do you want to meet on Thursday too?!

H: I would love to…

M: Hooray! … what time and where do you want to meet on Thursday?

H: Love the Hooray :-p. 7:30?

M: 7:30’s good for me. where do you want to meet?

Etc etc etc etc etc…

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Monty said...

Ahhhhh Mike...sounds like you've found lurrrrve just like me! Bless! Good luck with your dates with H tonight and tomorrow night!

Hmmm, H - Harvey? Harry? Henry? Hubert? ;-)

Monty! x