Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The Story of 'O'

On Monday I met ‘O’. A short, simple statement for a complex event! Me being me, we had a row even before we met as he called me a name during our message exchange that, having first seen it at an emotional time, I took against. But I later got over myself, apologised for my reaction, and smoothed things over. To give you an idea of how emotional I was at the time, the name called was ‘dingbat’!

We met at Leicester Square (fast becoming a regular haunt) at 7 and went in quick succession to three pubs he chose, having a lot to drink in the process. But we got on famously, and the hours flew by until, at around 11, he asked where we should go next, and I said we should get some wine and go to his place.

And so we did.

I think, however, this may have been a mistake. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time and we didn’t get to sleep till about 7am. But the issue now is I’m uncertain about what’s going to happen next. I do want to see him again, but I wonder if he’ll want to after Monday’s activities? He confessed to being quite shocked at my proposition, particularly in view of my purported shyness (which is all too real, gentle reader, hence the crass proposition, if you see what I mean) and he “doesn’t normally do this”; when I asked him if he wanted to meet again he said “maybe”. Ummm... I suppose whether he wants to meet again is as much down to who he is as it is related to anything I've done (he could have declined my proposition after all!), and I'm sure this is fairly normal angst that most people experience... Well, on Thursday I’m going to send him a message along the lines of:


It was really good to meet you on Monday. I had a great time, and I hope you did too.

When not reacting to imagined insults and propositioning men to hide my shyness, I’m quite good dinner company. And I recall there’re a couple of pubs we didn’t make it to on Monday. So it would be good to see you again; I hope you want to meet up soon

Hopefully this message won’t have my friends competing to be first to point out that I’m being pathetic and needy!! But he is quite plain spoken, so he won’t be shy about letting me know one way or another.

One immediate consequence of meeting ‘O’ is that I’m now really tired. So while What'shisname was due to come round tonight, I cancelled. It was rude of me to do so at such short notice, but I explained I wasn’t feeling too well (half-truth) and would make good company (total truth). I haven’t heard back from him; I hope he isn’t too miffed.

Instead, though, as a last minute arrangement, I’m going to the cinema with ‘D’. We’re fast becoming friends, and it’s good to know that the somewhat awkward path we went down hasn’t got in the way of that. I very much want to see the new Mike Leigh film, Happy Go Lucky, as I think it might have some useful parallels with how I'm trying to approach things.

[We ended up seeing One Missed Call, which was quite scary!]


Monty said...

You are sooooo doing all the stuff I did last year! It's almost scary, the parallels I'm seeing! All the best with O!

kim said...

But if you are needy isn't it better that he knows that? And if you are sensitive why hide it? Just be yourself! There's nothing wrong with you dear!