Friday, 11 April 2008

The smitten kitten

Thursday night’s date was with tall handsome ‘L’.

We met in Leicester Square at 7:30, after I had been given strict instructions to find a nice quiet venue where we could get to know each-other better. Something of a tall order for a Thursday night in this town, but by dint of research and some help from friends I found four venues that I thought would be suitable. Ultimately I took him to the International, which (after I managed to get tangled in the door for a while) turned out to have a very quiet, dark downstairs with large leather sofas, lots of space, and a bit of peace to talk. And talk we did; he is a very charming man and he drew a lot of information out of me and we had a few drinks and a good laugh about things like gaydar (one of the strangest ones I’ve had so far, by the way, is a guy who wanted us both to dress up like various Star Trek aliens and get a bit of intergalactic action going). Essentially a really nice time.

It being an intimate venue I found myself sidling ever closer to tall handsome ‘L’, who I caught checking me out a couple of times, and who has a fine taste in wines, and very nice hands, and eyes, and when we were very close together he pointed out that we were the only two people left in the downstairs bar so I…

…did nothing. Damn, damn, damn it! I really wish I’d kissed him right at that moment.

Anyway, after hours of chatter the time came for him to leave and we walked back to his station, where he said immediately said he’d like to meet me again and I enthusiastically agreed.

Today of course I was tempted to message straight away about how much I enjoyed his company and I really want to see him again and I’ll try to keep my foot out of my mouth long enough to kiss him properly…. Luckily my friends wrestled me to the floor and made me promise to wait 48 hours before contacting him. Something I agreed to very reluctantly, but as a friend pointed out I myself get put off by over enthusiasm and neediness, so don’t inflict it on others. Another friend suggested I invite him over the see my kittens, which I don’t get (I don’t have kittens) unless that’s a euphemism. I’d love to invite him over for a euphemism :-P. So I'm counting the hours (-22:55 tick-tock, -22:42 come on... come oooooon) until I can contact him.

Tonight I was due to see ‘D’ but we’ve had to postpone till next Thursday, which is for the best as I’ve done my back an injury and need to take it easy. To amuse myself I’ve jumped online, and as a reward received a very charming invitation from a lovely couple which I can’t act on! But I will definitely keep that on the back burner… In the meantime I’m meeting ‘J’ tomorrow (staying in, both a bit skint), and on Wednesday I’ll be seeing ‘B’. Yes, gentle reader, I do intend to go through the whole alphabet before I make my final choice!

This video/cartoon contains a small amount of mild sexualised imagery and language that may be unsuitable for some offices, or for young children.

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Did your back in, eh? :)