Sunday, 6 April 2008

V for Victory

That was the week that was. Five days, five dates, five men. And of those five only one seems to find me repulsive, so I think that’s quite good going. Of the other four, I’ve said to all that I want to see them again, including ‘V’ to whom we will come right quickly, gentle reader…

But am I satisfied? I am not. I really enjoyed these dates, and even the reaction of ‘E’ (“the power of Christ compels you”) is something to laugh about. So I really want to keep meeting men. Bring me more men! Mike is an ungrateful homosexual!! Hence I go online on Friday and start looking out for the next fella(s), and with a typical recklessness that I foolishly embrace, then angelically regret, I propositioned three guys in quick succession. All three, I’m pleased to say, responded positively. So today’s post is brought to you by the letters ‘J’, ‘L’ and ‘D’ and the number phwoarr.

[Whore: brass, cocotte, courtesan, harlot, hooker, hustler, street-walker, strumpet, tart, trollop]

‘J’ I met via gaydar; he lives really, really close by (practically next door in fact) and is about the same as me in age, appearance etc. But with him I think it will just be fun (not ruling anything out of course) and we both seem to be fine with that. Still, Saturday turns out to be rather better than I had anticipated and having a long drawn out Sunday brunch while the snow falls outside, was very nice indeed.

As for the other two ‘L’ is a tall handsome doctor that I’m seeing on Thursday, exact venue to be confirmed, while ‘D’ is an Irish histopathologist that I’m meeting on Friday.

‘D’ is particularly interesting because once we’d arranged the date he insisted that I meet him straight away. The rationale was he won’t go on a date with someone he hasn’t met. Truth be told, I was a little reticent about being summoned to some kind of pre-date check. But, thinking about it, this is a strategy he appears to have developed to overcome a certain tendency toward crassness on his part. Allow me to give you some examples:

When arranging to meet, he asked me to come to him as he “didn’t want to pay the extra train fare”. Who says romance is dead, gentle reader? And when we met the opening line was “Hi. Oh... My hair’s receding too, but it’s not as noticeable as that”. Wow! My clothes nearly fell off right there, let me tell you. Still, it gets stiff competition from such classics as “I really can’t imagine being as old as 30” (you’re 28; it’s coming honey) and “Well, I think financial advisers are…“.

Yet for all this it was obvious he was really nervous. Once the initial hurdles were cleared the guy had some hilarious stories to tell and I have to say now I know what I’m getting I think our date will be much smoother.

However; today’s main event was another day with ‘V’. Because of the snow he asks to come round to mine rather than meeting in town, and he can’t stay late because of a family thing, etc. Well, OK! He arrives and quickly we get down to some indoor sports. All fine, though there are a couple of little niggles I have about the bedroom antics that I won’t discuss right now (remember Mike is an ungrateful homosexual). Afterward I insist we go out for a walk along the river and when we get back I cook us some food and we lie together on the sofa chatting until he has to go. When we talked, I did say that I would like it if he spent the night once in a while; and I’d like to be seen in public with him once in while too! Then, at least, we can see how things develop… To that end he’s coming round for dinner on Monday before he spends a week away for work.

Are we straying into boyfriend territory here then? Well, he is a lot younger than me, which makes me feel somewhat awkward around him though I know he doesn’t see the age difference as a factor. I also find myself wondering if I can feel the same way about him as I did about Darren – and I know I shouldn’t compare them on any level, but I do not, do not, do not under any circumstances want to hurt anyone’s feelings. And that brings us to the honesty factor. ‘V’ has slipped up once or twice so I know the name he’s given me is not really his, and I know he maintains at least four separate profiles on gaydar. At the same time he doesn’t know I’m dating other men, which I’m not prepared to stop until I know where ‘V’ and I are going (the same courtesy extended to him of course) and, I suppose, I have some proof of ID!! We shall have to see...


Monty said...

Ahhh, the alphbet soup continues! V - "at least 4 Gaydar profiles"...!!! Holy heck! AND you don't know his real name yet? Well, at least the sex is good (albeit with some bedroom niggles, you ungrateful homosexual). But good to keep your options've got at least half of the alphabet yet to date! ;-)

Anonymous said...

'D' isn't who I think it is, is it?

Mike said...

I think I know who YOU are!

Monty said...

Ooooh, intriguing...Mike knows you! NOW, the big question is...HOW??? ;-)

czechOUT said...

It's funny. In another life I never thought of Gaydar as a place to meet dates, only shags. I remember all those profiles that used to mention Mr Right, but in the meantime would settle for Mr Right Now. Hmmm.

In my mind I would have been more certain on the other gay dating adventure -OUTnow or OUThere or OUTeverywhere (I think you mention it earlier)- and no sooner had I joined it when I happened upon Xfe, and so I never tried it out.

But I know of a few people who have met nice guys and had good friendships from Gaydar.

As for the name thing, why bother unless there is something to hide. Twas always my view...

Anyway, continue having fun.