Monday, 21 April 2008

Three's company

This Sunday the sun was shining and I took the time to check my little garden. I was delighted to find that the seeds of last year’s sunflowers had produced enough viable new plants to give me a healthy crop this spring; and the bulbs I planted three years ago have come up again! Also, my slight aphid problem was being tackled nicely by some ladybirds, so no need to cook up some foul smelling mixture to spray them off. And, on top of this, some cocoons that have wintered among my foliage look ready to produce some beautiful butterflies any time now.

Metaphors are everywhere in nature.

I spent Saturday with ‘T’ again, and once more we had a wonderful time. We seem to click on every level, intellectually, aesthetically, physically, and I ended up staying much, much later than I intended to. But it really was great. Virtually perfect, in fact. It put me on such a high to be treated like a prince and worshipped for hours and hours. ‘T’ has a romantic streak that Whatshisname lacks (though I miss Whatshisname terribly when he’s not here) and it’s nice to be flattered and made a fuss of once in a while.

I know ‘T’ is in an open relationship and that’s absolutely fine*, though it does mean we can’t now meet for a couple of weeks (they’re going to Italy for their hols, lucky devils). However, ‘T’s office is just a few minutes from my flat, so there’s always a hope that we can meet on and off in the future, and the next time the boyfriend’s away I’m happy to be the spare squeeze!

The saga of D & L continues (a bit); I had a few text messages from ‘D’ on Sunday – he sounded quite down so I suggested we go out for a boozy lunch to try and cheer him up but he was out of London visiting family. He did say, though, that he realised he was being a bit hypocritical about the whole thing, and that the core of the problem was his lack of confidence about dating/being in a relationship. I do sympathise, but I think he needs to allow himself and the guys he meets time to let a relationship evolve (hark at me!) – and half the fun of dating in the meantime is that you get to me a whole range of men! He also seemed keen to meet up again at some point; so out of Thursday I have gained an amusing anecdote and maybe a friend too – a lot of dates go worse than that, so once again I’ve been lucky, I think.

But, by not meeting ‘D’ I could go ahead and spend the evening with ‘P & L’, a charming couple I met online. At the risk of sounding a painted jezebel, they asked me to join them for some indoor sports and I thought “why not?”. Don’t judge me, gentle reader!

Of course there are rules to these things but I must admit it was a bit weird, especially since ‘L’ seemed so much more into it that ‘P’, who was really into it (though both of them were extremely complimentary). It was an experience, and one that left me feeling quite light headed. But I don’t think I’ll do it again… soon. I hope they had a satisfying time but I’m happy to let it be a one-off.

All in all a very satisfying, experience rich couple of days.

As a finale I’d like to share these things:

I love walking home in the early hours, after indoor sports with a fella; the moon in the sky, the streets to myself, the foxes and cats my only company.

I love flirting with strangers on public transport; the quick eye-catch, look away, eyes meet again… smile… perhaps shift into a more flattering position etc etc.

I love rounding off a day full of indoor sports with some music, a glass of wine, and a good book; a little bit of me time in an endorphin bath.

Tart with a Heart, that’s me.

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Monty said...

"Tart with a heart" - perfect! LOL

I too had a "P&L" experience last year - like you, was curious to see how it worked and was pleasantly suprised! But also like you, was happy to leave it as a one off thing. Nice to have tried, but don't want to do it all the time. :-)