Friday, 18 April 2008

What a twisted web we weave...

... when we practise to deceive.

Honesty is the best policy, they say, and in my previous post I talked about the need for total honesty in a relationship. Thursday's date with ‘D’ proves precisely that. And the fact that it is a small, small world.

(You may also recall, gentle reader, that I also had a date with ‘B’ on Wednesday; the less said about that the better. We move, never so swiftly, on.)

This date had been rescheduled from last Friday and so I was dismayed when, just as I was about to leave, ‘D’ sent a text to cancel. Well, I’m not having that, I thought, so I text back “I’m sorry to hear that [you want to cancel]. Are you sure? Do you want to meet a bit later/somewhere else?... I’d love to [see] you”

In reply he called and asked if I could just come round to his place. You betcha (!) and date back on. He met me at the station, and asked if I want to go for a drink. I suggested instead that we get some wine and go back to his place, to which he agreed. Oh my, the night was looking good! We'd had a kind of pre-date so we'd met before and it was quite easy just to get talking and it didn't feel awkward suggesting going straight back to his place at all.

At said place we have to go straight to the bedroom, because that is where the computer is, with all the music. I quite understand!! And there we are, a little wine, dimmed lights, some music, and he had me in stitches showing me videos of fonejacker on YouTube… One thing slowly wending its way, in the manner that these things do, to another. All looking pretty fine – except then, unexpectedly, Boyfriend arrives to make a surprise visit.


But more, much more than this, Boyfriend turns out to be none other than tall handsome ‘L’.


There we were, the three of us, making quite the tableaux for the few seconds we were frozen; then a kind of double-take “you… me… him… er”. And then, of course, it all kicks off.

Now, I’m in an awkward position here, and not in the way I had hoped for; essentially trying to provide some level of relationship counselling whilst looking for my other sock. After all, what is the etiquette in this scenario? People flouncing in and out, tears, text messages, me partially clothed and wondering if there’s any wine left. The evening is nose-diving badly.

To be fair to myself, I’m the one who’s been completely honest here; not in a relationship, quite happy to meet, not exclusive etc etc. And, fair play to the fella, tall handsome ‘L’ was saying (to ‘D’) “It’s OK, we’re still relatively new to this relationship, and we never promised each other anything. Enjoy yourself; doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves together too”. ‘D’, on the other hand, was complaining bitterly of betrayal and dishonesty and heart-break (somewhat incongruously, in my view, if you consider I was halfway to using his ankles as ear-muffs at the time). Well, 3am rolled around and I decided the needs of manners and politeness had been well-enough served so I ordered a taxi and made my way. ‘D’ was kind enough to see me out and he later sent me a text to say he’d finished with tall handsome ‘L’; I emailed him when I got home to encourage him to think about what he wants in a relationship and to let me know how he’s getting on.

And that was that.

So tonight it was once again to Das Boot with colleagues and I must admit I was cheered up immensely, after feeling a bit down about it all. And: Wonderfully, I’m seeing ‘T’ on Saturday, I have made certain arrangements for Sunday that I may blog about later; Monday I’ve got a date with ‘O’ (He grew up in the same part of the world as me, and it’s the two year anniversary in London for him you see); Tuesday to Wednesday ‘V’ is coming round (yeah, I gave in) and Thursday is my date with ‘M’ (and that one is something I’m particularly looking forward too).

Oh, and I’ve decided to upgrade ‘V’ to 'Whatshisname' from now on.

Keeping up, gentle reader? I should have done this years ago!!


Diana said...

Oh my. Small world indeed. Listen, I need a dictionary of sorts to keep up with all these men! :)

Anonymous said...

Now, what are the chances of that happening?! Poor you, but I must confess it did make me titter. I'm just pleased to know I'm not the only hapless soul around here when it comes to love and sex... they'll both laugh about it one day, I'm sure. Hope you're having a fun weekend!