Sunday, 27 April 2008

Ich bin ein Ratarsedschwein

Am I a bit cheered up? Why yes; yes I am. I realise, by the way, this blog has shown me repeating a cycle of such limited virtue… Must do better, gentle reader! But, once again climbing straight back onto the horse…

Saturday I went to the Gay Coffee Posse, on a wonderful warm summer-like day, where amusingly the organiser tried (and failed badly – I’m amazed the guy wasn’t punched) to take pictures of fellas he liked without them noticing and where, unexpectedly, I met ‘I’. We got on very well, and ended up spending most of the afternoon just talking to each-other, rather than participating in the group. He speaks German, which is handy as I’m German (I also give good French ha ha) and, though we both had another engagement that evening, I really enjoyed meeting him and talking to him and I’ve contacted him to see if he wants to go out sometime.

It’s OK if he says no, by the way. This is clearly something I need to get used to. I think I’ve been spoilt by the fact most of the men I contact at least want to go on a date, and quite often more than that (if only the once). So I should have a reality check!

After GCP I went out with some friends and got utterly hammered so was terribly hung-over on Sunday, though again seeing my friends and having a good laugh was a real boost to my mood - I really don't tell my friends enough how lucky I feel to have them as friends; another thing to add to my list of Things To Do.

I was supposed to see ‘G’ at this weekend too but he had to cancel due to work; we’ve been messaging each other for an absolute age and I’m sure we’ll meet up soon enough. Instead however, I met ‘K’– we’ve been messaging too, and he out of the blue asked me to meet him – and, after a nice afternoon in Greenwich, a good time was had by all. Again, this is someone I don’t really expect to meet again, though I’d be thrilled to; he’s such a very good kisser, and the way he slept with his head on my chest was so endearingly cute.

See, I can learn – though possibly I should learn faster – so now rather than expecting to see someone again and being disappointed when they don’t want to, I will now expect nothing and therefore shall be pleased should anything occur. Wow, talk about taking the long way round!!

In addition I’ve updated the photos on all the sites I’m a member of (no gentleman’s relish, to be clear; just ordinary pictures of me!) – not much chance of disappointing someone that way. At the OUT website one neat thing is you can give someone a ‘thumbs up’ if you like their profile. I have had 87 thumbs up in the month since I joined (yay for me), about 20% of the people who’ve viewed me (yeah, OK… 21.6%... I do the sums...the shame) so it will be interesting to see whether that proportion holds.

It’s all about managing expectations. And then exceeding them ;-)

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Monty said...

Well done you! It appears that you're learning and growing which can only be a good thing! Keep up the good work! :-)