Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Thirty something

I really like being in my thirties. It’s all part of coming out, looking after myself, even having my heart carelessly tossed aside by thoughtless boys. But more than that it’s the whole knowing who I am, where I want to be and that I do want to hold hands with someone on my way to the sunny side of Strumpetville.

Recently, whilst eyeing up the bounty of eye-candy to be seen about town, I had one of the bijou epiphanies I occasionally experience. Friends have often advised me not, on the rocky road to love, to express traits I myself find unattractive. How right they are, too! But I realised that when I look at attractive guys I am actually seeing often what I hope I look like.

Or what I aspire too. Well, that’s something I have to work on; though it’s nice to have a visualised goal for the medium term. I, of course, often visualise more short-term goals but that’s not for here.

But when all’s said and done I like guys who are in their 30s too. Not that I’m averse to guys in their 40s or 20s or beyond either end of that for causal assignations. But guy’s in their 30s are still in their prime, whilst also having the life experience to stimulate upstairs as well as down. Sorry, 20-somethings; I like people who can speak in sentences n’shit. Guys in their 40s… well, I’m more open to that (liking my fellas to be generally older too) but they’re not around as much.

Yes, guys in their 30s are hot, clever, available, and sorted. Not entirely unlike me [he blushes]

On the dating front I have been in touch with Tall Handsome Australian who says he wants to meet again but wants to take things slow because all the pieces need to fit for him before he stops being cautious. Tiresome, but I don’t want to become cynical so OK; let’s see what happens. Date one begets date two, not a trip to City Hall. And on the dating front; on Thursday I have a date with a Scottish lawyer I met via Soulmates, which promises to be fun.

After that I think I’ll take a week off. It occurs to me of all the men I’ve met I really have only been on a few dozen dates and that’s not many. With 8 ½ years of thirty something ahead I have also realised I can take things a bit easier. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may gentle reader, to be sure, but less haste and more speed and all that. Er… well, you know what I mean.


Monty said...

Oooh, I can vouch for the Scottish men...thoroughly YUMMMY!!!!!! :-)

Mike said...

I suspect you may be biased... but fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you re the thirties. My partner is a few years older than I am and recently turned 30. Most of our friends are in their thirties. I've always looked at the thirties in much the same way you do in that you've had time to find yourself, gather some assets, dabble in relationships and/or love,do some travel and get a handle on life. Except, me being younger than most of my friends, whenever I said it, they thought I was just being Doctor Feel-good coz I wasn't there yet.

Enjoy it mate...I reckon they are some great years. You don't seem to be having any trouble enjoying life though ;)

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Mid 30s is the best vintage.

Luckily for us, guys can still be incredibly sexy in their 50s and 60s, too.

Mike said...

Guys are lucky tha ttime can be very kind - or not - and it's how much effort you put in that makes a lot of difference. I've been with guys in their 50s way fitter and hotter than me!! But my Mr Right... well, 30s works for me :-)