Sunday, 26 April 2009

The Regulars

One of the many ways in which my life has changed as an out gay man is that, alongside the occasional boyfriendette and the more frequent assignation, I have built up a small portfolio of what I term regular gentleman callers. Others might call them fuck-buddies or friends-with-benefits.

Of the current crop the first is ‘T’. You may recall, gentle reader, he is one of the very first guys I hooked up with after Darren disappeared. He already has a boyfriend, who is keen for an open-relationship whilst ‘T’ is not. So when said boyfriend is away, as he often is, and enjoying his freedoms I am called on as the spare. ‘T’ lives close by, in an absolute palace, and always treats me like a prince. I shall remember ‘T’ with the greatest fondness because of when we met; and so it pleases me greatly that we still hook up from time to time. He sets the standard in, oh so many ways. I consider myself very lucky.

Next on the list is Mr Cake; a guy who lives near to me and I first met a few months ago via the magic of gaydar. He’s a very nice South African and lots of fun. Since first meeting we have kept in touch and have each other as a kind of “are you available right the pardon the pun now?!” option when the need *ahem* arises.

Of course there is Nick, my neighbour who I have blogged about before. He and I met via OUT, and went on a date that resulted us being friends, with the attendant benefits. We infrequently get together at weekends to have dinner at my place (he shares; I live alone), watch a DVD, drink some wine and… though when I’m seeing someone he maintains a respectful distance which is really sweet of him, and I much appreciate.

Number four at the top-table is The Gardener. Now, I’ll be totally honest: he is simply the best. I mean so good I sometimes feel like I can’t cope with how good it is. He’s got quite a few guys like me on the go; why ever not? As a bonus The Gardener has a Friend whom he occasionally brings along to join the fun. They’re both great and very considerate – often giving the place a bit of a tidy on their way out which is touching, if also somewhat amusing.

And last but not least we come to the one that got away. A very young private stationed at the barracks just up the road. We would either meet at my place or outdoors near his base. Rather lacking in charm or tact, I assure you he makes up for it in other ways. Yet his imminent posting to far-far-away-land means that for quite some time we shall not meet again. Which, thinking about it, leaves a vacancy. Hmmm...

So there we have it, five different guys; unique in terms of what attracts me to them and the circumstances under which we meet. It is very nice to have them to call on instead of having always to jump on gaydar or whatever. Though of course I still do, from time to time. Whenever Mr Right comes along I’ll have to put him on special vitamins; he’s got a lot to live up to!


Anonymous said...

You lucky lucky ^%$# :P
Sounds like all us gay boys could use a visit from the Gardener every so often. I'm guessing its fun to have regular f^%kbuddies ...I definitely prefer intimate contact with someone I actually know and enjoy at more than just the physical level as opposed to random anonymous "casuals". The 'gentleman callers' with partners they not exhibit potential to graduate to the next level?

MadeInScotland said...

quite an appetite... ;)

Mike said...

Yeah... but it has in fact been a while. The perils of not being in a relationship. Floods and droughts. At least with a boyfriend there's only the occassional hosepipe ban.