Sunday, 19 April 2009

And next...

Well, it’s the weekend gentle reader; and what a fine weekend it’s turning out to be. Sunny and warm. So there’s the chance to get lots of things done and enjoy the outdoors and simply relax – which is something I haven’t done for a little while.

On Thursday I had a date with a Scottish lawyer who lives not too far from me and works in the City. We went to a nice oriental restaurant on Soho called Ping Pong and then afterward for a few drinks. It was very nice and we said we should see each other again… Today I texted him to say I would be walking along the river on Sunday past the area where he lives so perhaps we could grab a coffee/have lunch/something. So we’ll see.

On Friday I had dinner with friends, hosted by one of us who is currently enjoying a period of self-enforced sobriety for charity! She therefore had the misfortune to have to cook [fabulous food] and then watch the rest of us get tiresomely drunk until the early hours; and that was the springboard into my weekend.

In between times I got a rather curt message of a guy on gaydar who had messaged me quite out of the blue asking me out. I hadn’t really had a chance to reply up to that point, with an affirmative. He took the delay as an indication on my part that I wasn’t interested. I replied back that I was but hadn’t had a chance to respond fully/nicely. I really didn’t like having to do that as it has a touch of the Rule 15 about it and to honest I resented being put in that position; especially as it had only been about 36 hours! But instead of saying “sorry, I’m looking for balls not nuts” I explained what the situation was. That seemd to work; he got back in touch and the long-and-short of it is we are going out a week on Wednesday. No doubt you’ll read about that in due course…

So there we have it. Yet another first date to look forward to! The week between then and now will be a quiet one, some self-enforced discipline on the man/booze/late night front (though I suspect the occasional assignation will be on the cards). Some quiet time in Strumpetville.

I hope, aspire if you will, to sooner or later get some second dates under my belt. Performance has been lacklustre in that department since International and I split. But there’s no urgency and I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see and just enjoy the sunshine.

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