Tuesday, 21 April 2009


I’m not doing too well on posts this month… though I have a few posts in mind, as you will see from the right here. But I think my output might not increase greatly very soon.

It seems that all of a sudden I have so many dates I’ve actually had to start turning people down! I don’t know why; Frumpella remains unchanged. Spring has sprung in Strumpetville, but I’ve been taking advantage of that in other ways… I can’t explain it.

But of course I’m not complaining! It’s nice to be popular. What has the remainder of April in store?

This Thursday I have dinner and drinks in Soho with a guy I met – like all my upcoming dates – through gaydar. He visited my profile; I liked the look of him, so marked his profile with a ‘flame’; he said thanks; the rest is… future! 30, slim, cute, creative...

After a quiet weekend I have drinks in Eltham with my next date, 37 and works in communication. We haven’t finalised the details yet but again we’ll see what happens.

Tuesday a break from the man-carousel with a work do… and then on Wednesday date number three. This is the guy I blogged about a couple of posts ago; the one who asked me out and then complained I hadn’t replied just as I was doing that! Well, we are going out after all and he’s laying on the charm very much; perhaps to make up for his earlier outburst! This one is 33, and a social worker. We’re meeting near where he lives, in Clapham.

Thursday I have another work do, but must make my getaway early for the last date of that week; a return to Clapham for my final slice of XY cake; a 37 year old musician with a marvellous line in tattoos.

This and next Friday are both going to be my nights in to recover from my knights out.

After that? Well, I’ve consciously avoided arranging any further dates as if we have to jump at least two weeks ahead and still work around various social and work lives then it becomes a bit silly. “I can sweep you off your feet… erm… between 8:00 and 10:30 on the third Tuesday in June?” Perhaps not.

Actually I’m pondering, depending on how these dates go, giving myself the May and possibly June as a date-free zone. My friend ‘A’ is doing a sponsored sobriety for six weeks, which is an amusing way of raising funds for charity. I wonder if I could get sponsored to spend a month not going on about being a big gayer looking/longing for love but to talk about something else? How much would you give for that to happen, gentle reader? ;-)


Monty said...

You could try Monty's patented "New Dating Paradigm" which I blogged about in April 2007 (or thereabouts). I thought it was a marvellous way of easing myself of the dating merry-go-round and into some more lasting relationships. :-)

Mike said...

Not a bad idea at all! I shall give it a try... depending on how things work out with these guys of course!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how long you could contain yourself..even if you were raising money for charity. Good luck with the dates mate. But...what happened to the cute tall Aussie and the Scottish lawyer.

Monty >> Too funny re your blog post on NDP.

Mike said...

Well, no dating is not the same as no... 'ff' ;-)