Thursday, 30 April 2009


Well, two dates down and the third should be happening right now, so you can guess that’s not working out too well. Ho Hum. Let’s start with Wednesday’s guys…

My lunch date was with a musician at a very nice gastro-pub on Forest Hill, which is a surprisingly convenient place to get to for where I live. All good. We met, talked, had lunch, a glass of wine and then a coffee. We talked at length about classical music – he plays the clarinet and the saxophone and the piano. Hmmm, good with lips, breath control and fingers. Could, perhaps, come in handy? Anyway, we have a nice time – I think so, anyway – and since then we’ve exchanged messages and it looks like we’ll go out again sometime next week. Huzzah!

In the evening I met date number two in Clapham in a really nice small bar, called the Kazbar. We actually hit it off right away. He’s Irish, and a social worker. After a couple of drinks we had dinner – I had the largest pizza in the world in a small family run restaurant he knows well – and the me headed back for more drinks, bumping into some friends of his along the way. Friends who confided that Frumpella is a bit spiffy, hehe. It was lots of fun but by 11, bearing in mind it was a datetastic day, we were both fading fast so he walked be back to the tube and that was that. He’s back to Ireland today but said he would get in touch when he returns [Rule 15?] so we’ll see.

As for today’s date; unable to get through by phone I sent a message on gaydar and all of a sudden it seems we’re supposed to meet tomorrow, not today at all. I’m confused because I had work drinks tonight anyway and can’t imagine why I’d consciously double-book myself in that way when I was free tomorrow anyway. So I’ve said the time we agreed – late, for tha tvery reason – isn’t really convenient on Friday and we’ll have to meet earlier. If at all. Face: bothered?

So, two good dates; one non-date. Still quite a few guys messaging me on gaydar. As an aside, when (and why) did that suddenly become date central? Even Mr Christmas got back in touch. Has this anything to do with my new profile pictures, including for the first time *gasp* a body pic? Yes, Rule 5 is alive and well in Strumpetville, gentle reader!! I doubt my rippling averageness is tipping the balance... but all this Rule 1 business is getting a bit tiresome!

Further updates as dates warrant; in the meantime a bank holiday weekend when I intend to date no-one at all ;-)


Monty said...

I trust that the No Date on a Bank Holiday thing doesn't include shagging! :-) I'm going to have to check out your online pics now that there's more to see! Wheeeeeeeee! ;-)

Mike said...

Oh yes indeed, Monty. Rule 14 rocks ;-) Indeed, I have just been entertaining and am in a very pleasant mood indeed.

As for the pics... be kind! x