Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Stop it with the saucy photo's

I like the male form in all its glory and I am delighted to drool over eye-candy in the real world, or in cyber-space, or (more often than not *sigh*) in my mind.

To help the process of coming out I’ve joined an online forum to help me meet new people. I think I’ve met a couple of nice guys. I’ve contacted a few more, and probably will continue to do so until things reach a critical mass and start going forward on their own.

On my profile I did say I’m looking for friendship/chat, and explained my situation. and I 've had a load of really sweet messages of welcome and support, which I take care to reply to with thanks.

What I didn’t expect to get loads of pictures of other guys’ intimate areas at various stages of tumescence and from a variety of angles. It’s like the twelve days of Cockmas out there: fiiiiive coooock riiings… One guy sent me three pictures of his ass. Why? Does he have three asses? (Cerberass ha ha ha... ahem... sorry) I'd prefer to deal with people who have a picture, but your face will do!

On the one hand that’s why I want to know more gay men – to be able to talk about things like this in the level of detail I expect most of my friends really would rather not. And sometimes when I get these images sent to me I think “aw, how flattering”, while other times I have a good laugh. On the other, I’m new here and while it’s sweet to (in its own way) whatever some of you guys are quite remarkably ‘up for’ I’m really not keen to play naughty-bits top-trumps right now.

Some people have sent me messages that are more intimate, or open about what they want, and to me that's much more appealing. I guess what I'm saying is I'd rather wait to see the real thing in 3d and enjoy it all the more for the anticipation of that in however long it takes to get there.

(Darren plainly thinks it's hilarious. He’s sent me a picture of his bum. I've put the Nokia in the icebox :-p)

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