Saturday, 15 March 2008

Here's my blog

So, here it is; my blog.

The reasons behind it are fairly wide-ranging. Firstly, there are many, many things happening out there that make me want to rant at length. So, I'd been thinking for some time about starting a blog to vent my spleen, mainly as an alternative to my friends tunneling their way out of the pub to get away in my more strident moments.

Secondly, I'm interested in a wide variety of topics and it's not always easy to find someone to talk to about them, so I can put them down here.

Thirdly, and by far most importantly, is Darren.

Darren is my boyfriend (I did originally put current, but he made me take it out. I admire his optimism).

I've been into other guys since, like, ever, right? Though by no means inactive, my sexuality was The Big Secret, and in many respects it still is (more about that later). I never had a long term relationship, or a particularly committed one, with another guy before. In fact, when asked, I always denied my feelings and claimed to be a totally straight "phwoar, breasts are great. Get a load of them puppies. Errr... hubba hubba etc, eh?" guy.

Because my gorgeous fella about whom you will be reading so much more on these pages, is just the best thing to have happened to me since I-don't-know-when (but at least the invention of the microwave oven) I have slowly begun telling people About Me. The ongoing process of Coming Out is a real real roller-coaster ride, and falling, plunging, plummeting head-over-heels in love has been such a thrill that Darren suggested I put my feelings in a blog to help me get my head round it all, and to help me reveal myself to all the people I care about (including, perhaps for the first time, myself).

So, here it is; my blog.

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