Monday, 31 March 2008

Playing House

Well, haven’t I just had the most wonderful day!

As arranged ‘V’ came over at about 10:30 and we spent most of the morning, and much of the afternoon too, playing.

Taking a blanket and some champagne to the top floor of my glass-fronted building was a stroke of genius… but making an exhibition of myself was just part one of today’s entertainment, and today’s entertainment just went on for hours. I’m quite sore in various places (sorry, gentle reader – trying hard not to ‘kiss and tell’) and there is a reasonable chance I’ve dislocated my leg. Wow.

Yes, for some reason with him I find it easy to be… adventurous, or aggressive, or physical, take your pick - whereas with other guys it’s difficult sometimes to get up the courage to peck them on the cheek. Just something about 'V' I suppose.

I had an amazing time today and hopefully he did too (oh, I know he did, it's just that I doubt I did for him what he did for me – this guy is good!).

But, being an old softie at heart, one of the nicest things about today was that we spent so much time just kissing, talking, and lying in each-other’s arms; that is the kind of thing that helps to make my day too. He sent me a lovely message later today and occasionally I still smell him as I sit here writing this. All in all a pretty lovely day. Ahhh yes, gentle reader, beneath my slightly frumpy exterior there is a romantic soul. Admittedly sharing accommodation with a tart, but romantic nonetheless.

When he left this afternoon I gave him a great big goodbye kiss and absolutely made sure he was welcome to come back for more soon. And since he left I’ve had this kind of buzz where I don’t want to analyse the day too much but I am on a kind of natural high…

As for the rest of the week, there’ll be plenty to blog about. I now have a date with ‘N’ on Tuesday, in addition to Wednesday’s festivities… Maybe I should try and get some sleep at some point?

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Monty said...

You're turning into me this time last year!!! My all time record was 9 dates in one week! I'm sure you can do it!

PS The day with V sounds sensational!!! Do you think there's anything long term with him? Or is it just going to be a purely physical thing? :-)