Sunday, 30 March 2008

The Domesticated Slattern

So this Sunday gone I’m the domestic type; I go into town, buy some plants, a dust-pan and brush, and a plunger. I clear the winter’s victims from my balcony and plant some new ones, I tidy up the place, arrange a couple of dates, and throw the rubbish out. Then I take a walk along the river to enjoy the extra hour of daylight and (a rare thing for me) having done a bit of shopping I head back and settle in to watch some tele.


Oh yes, the information superhighway being the gift that keeps on giving, it is but the work of a moment, gentle reader, to arrange to meet some guys whilst also cleaning the bath.

The first is ‘E’, a civil servant who works nights (which I don’t quite get, but stay tuned). I’m meeting him on Wednesday at about 4pm at this floating pub/bar I know in Westminster; a lovely venue where my colleagues and I regularly go for a drink. They will on this occasion, however, be under strict instructions to go elsewhere!

He needs to be in work for about 8pm anyway, which his fine as I’m due to meet ‘A’ (a different ‘A’ from the one before) at 8:30 when he finishes work. He’s quite flirtatious so we’re still messaging four hours later. But, it’s shaping up to be a good night.

In the meantime, of course, I’m texting gorgeous ‘V’ about tomorrow and suggesting that if he tries this, then that leaves my hands free to do…

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Monty said...

I'm absolutely FANGING to read the post about you and V and your day off experimenting!!!!! ;-)