Sunday, 9 August 2009


This weekend was my birthday weekend. It was really great; I guess the only bum note was being studiously ignored by my family on the day. C’est la vie en ‘rose’ Allemange I suppose… But enough of that!

On Friday I went out with colleagues for drinks and dinner and ended up in a ‘scene; venue dancing the night away with friends until about 4am. It was all a bit messy…

I was absolutely mortified to wake up in the morning in Saturday and, looking over to me right, seeing the form next to me. Even more mortified - if that’s possible – to discover that said form was of a girl! Fortunately the girl was friend ‘C’; but the look of horror on my face amused her enormously and I’m guessing she’ll be dining out on that for some time.

On Saturday I met fella and we went to the Gay Icons exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. Somewhat confusingly, it is an exhibition of icons selected by gay people – not general icons who are gay. Alongside your village people and your Kylie [yay], there were fascinating studies of people hundreds of years ago. American slaves who were gay; soldiers who were gay; poets and artists, etc etc. I had no idea, for example, that Tchaikovsky was gay. It was a good exhibition with lots of food for thought.

The main event, however, was dinner with Fella to a nice restaurant in Greenwich (North Pole). Like the Launceston we went to before it was wonderful food, and service. The décor was very interesting; the chandeliers were set up so there were fish living among the candles and my fascination with this embellishment amused Fella himself a lot too.

After that we had a couple of drinks at the Rose and Crown in Greenwich before heading back to my place…

He had to leave quite early on Sunday to meet his parents on their return from holiday so we couldn’t spend as much time together as I would have liked. But he organised such a lovely weekend it really touched me and sitting opposite him in the restaurant I began to realise how much I have fallen for him. One of the most enduring memories I’m likely to take from this weekend is watching this insanely beautiful man of mine sleep… he’s certainly earned his place in my heart.

Now of course the challenge is to make his (30th) birthday the very bestest birthday that ever there was… and of course day to day how to manage being an every so slightly more grown-up fairy. In the meantime I think one idea is to find 30 great small presents for Fella and then try to best him in the event!!


Anonymous said...

Hey matey,

Happy happy birthday. You're a Leo !!! Lots of happy thoughts. Hope you made a good wish and have a fantastic year ahead.


Mike said...

Why thank ye Mr! It was a great day; do hope the next 365 are as good!!