Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I’m very proud of Fella right now because he has got an interview on Thursday for a permanent job at the Royal College where he works. I’d helped him with the application form so I am a little bit pleased my efforts helped rather than hindered!

He’s at home preparing for the interview, and in touch by email. I’m here thinking about the possibilities of a rather nice bottle of wine given to me for my birthday. And I’m really rather happy.

The piece of music in the YouTube video at the bottom of this post is a new one to me, though the composer is one I rather like. As soon as I heard it, it made me think of having Fella wrapped up in my arms. I’d love to listen to it whilst just holding him…

We talked at the weekend about Fella’s birthday. He made a huge effort with mine and I want to reciprocate if not surpass his efforts. His birthday falls on a Saturday. The plan so far is: work drinks on Friday night; birthday lunch with his family (cross fingers me too) on the Saturday followed by partying the night away in Soho with his friends; and I’ll take him to dinner on the Sunday :-)

But I have hit upon, for his birthday present, a jolly wheeze that I’m rather proud of. I’ve decided to take him to Paris in October on the Eurostar for a long weekend. All my treat.

The plans for this weekend are drinks on Friday, then Saturday as a quiet day together. Sunday a friend is having as birthday party and then the Monday is a bank holiday so who know what whims may take us, and where?

Weekends and birthdays and holidays oh my.

It’s nice to plan ahead. It’s nice to be able to plan ahead. If he does get the job then we may plan ahead indeed, double-plus oh my!

I shouldn’t count chickens till they’ve hatched but the theme that emerges, gentle reader, is that I plan for us. Fear not, however: loved up though I am I have not entirely lost my head! It really is difficult to recognise sometimes we are barely past three months; and we are, at most, planning ahead to month five. But a cheerful fairy can dream, can’t he?


Antony said...

Owwe, sounds good. An adventure to Paris.


A x

Mike said...

Yes. It remains to be seen whether he actually gets his present because he's being a very naughty boy atm. But I think it will be great!


MadeInScotland said...

it;s so nice that it is so exciting an adventure for you, where a world of fantastic opportunity lies ahead.

Mike said...

Fingers crossed! I'm looking forward to it, but apprehensive about how things will pan out :-)