Monday, 17 August 2009


This is a post in two parts. That’s probably a good thing, gentle reader, because my post output has been much diminished over the last few weeks. I guess we know why, don’t we? :-)

The best thing to report is that since my birthday things for my gorgeous guy and I are on the up and up. One of the things I like best about my relationship is that after some wobbly moments at the start is that we seem to go from strength to strength. This trust thing is a lark isn’t it? I’m somewhat in awe how he and I become more affectionate and settled every week. And this weekend marked 13 weeks – three months – since we have been together.

On Friday Fella and I went to dinner at the Texas Embassy with some of his work colleagues, whom I have met several times before. In fact on the previous Wednesday we had all gone to The Orphan, which is actually rather good – Fella was most pleased as this is the third cinema trip our group had made and the last two films he had not liked; and this time it was his choice.

On Saturday we spent much of the day working on an application form for him – his current work contract is up in October but he has a great work ethic and a keen mind and all his colleagues love him so I know he won’t be out of work long. I liked helping him in that way. It was nice and… domestic… and especially pleasing was his efforts to reward me in a way that made it remarkably difficult to type

That evening we went, unplanned and spontaneous like – to see the annual drag queen race in Greenwich.

It was great fun and I got to meet more of his friends. We got on really well, which I know pleased Fella enormously and he had a great night which in turn pleased me. Despite my need to be up early we ended up dancing the night away and despite an unfortunate incident on the way home (see below) all was rather wonderful.

On Sunday I went to Kew Gardens to see some family – the Italian branch to be exact –who were on a visit to London. It was nice to see them even though four generations of Milanese chaos was somewhat wearing after but four hours sleep. I did invite Fella but in the end I let him stay at mine to work on his application. It was so nice to come home to him – he cooked me dinner and spent the night again; the third in a row – we fell asleep in each other’s arms watching TV and in the morning we discussed (1) him maybe keeping more stuff permanently at mine to save a lot of carrying back and forth and (2) considering perhaps, in the next 100,000 years maybe moving in together.

Well there’s so much more that happened recently I have plenty more posts to come! In the meantime happy happy joy joy.


Antony said...

Wow, congratulations on the three months lol.

Yeah I love the domestic stuff (helping with app forms, etc. etc.), it's loving support.

Perhaps buy him a tooth brush for at yours?

Hugs as always,

Antony x

Mike said...

Ah: he already has a toothbruch at mine... and shampoo. It's a start :-)