Friday, 3 July 2009


Well, here we are. It’s July and all in Strumpetville continues fine. It’s very fine weather and all the solar powered hotties remain out in force [hubba hubba].

Things between Fella and I continue to be pretty good. Lots of luvin’; the occasional bijou rowette to keep things interesting. He’s spending quite a bit of time at my place now si it’s time to think about giving him a drawer or something to keep such mundane things as pants and similar. I suppose this is normal, right? Either way I’m happy. I realised recently one of the things I feel when I think about Fella is relief.

Weird? Perhaps, gentle reader. But the fact remains I am so relived to have met him.

I’m not in love with Fella, not yet. I’m being very careful, and anyway the process of slowly falling in love is quite delicious, I find. Like emotional edging (if you’ll forgive me being base). He’s on my mind morning noon and night and the little things he does give me a nice warm fuzzy feeling that…

OK, OK, you can stop reaching for the bucket now. But it’s nice when he, as he has just done, tells me in an email that he’s awaiting my arrival with baited breath. Awwww.

Tonight he’s cooking me sea bass with a home made thyme pastry – he’s a very good cook as my rapidly expanding waistline attests; and I have prepared a delightful chocolate soufflé. Tomorrow it’s London Pride. I’ve never been to Pride before but Kevin and I will be there, firstly meeting friends and then on to a party in the evening.

See, this is nice. And I’m taking my time.

One thing I will say, as I mentioned before, it that I seem to be getting an awful lot of interest. Even though my OUT profile clearly states I’m in a relationship four, count ‘em, four guys have asked me out! Well, I’m resisting temptation. Fella has made it quite clear that he expect monogamy and that has not been a problem at all.

The time has come in fact to hang up my online profiles for dating and the other thing. Goodbye Soulmates; Au revoir gaydar. Now I’m only looking for friendship.

I some ways that puts me back to square one. How to expand my circle of gay friends. Always very much the second or possibly third strand to my joining these sites. It’s a bit circular because experience shows that gay men tend to be after a bit of trouser friendly Cheerful Fairy action (I certainly have been).


Monty said...

Not at all reaching for the bucket my friend...I think that it all just sounds MARVELLOUS! Is Kevin his name? Or is Kevin someone else? Whatever the case, it's a lovely feeling to finally hangup the online profile...and yes, there will always be plenty of interest from other men - you're an attractive guy! They're only human after all. :-) As for making gay friends, it's a tricky one - I have made a few friends through Gaydar however as you said, most of the guys are online for more than just a handshake! Enjoy yourself! xxx

Anonymous said...

Did you enjoy Pride? Back in the day when it was a big 'party in a park' it was a very different animal. I liked the vibe and the crowd this year, though I did feel that hotties were scarce. Eye candy did not abound (at least not for me). Okay, so clearly there were one or two as I awoke on Sunday, tried to give Hubby a hug but had to reach over a rather muscular young man to get to him.

Mike said...

Oh dear, I made a mistake and his cover is blown. Gosh-darn!

I can't account for the interest as I'm clear on being in a relationship. Still, it's flattering I suppose...

Loved Pride btw, though obviously some of us enjoyed it on other ways :-)