Monday, 6 July 2009


Well, first things first. Let me say now Oooops; I accidentally revealed Fella’s secret identity. I didn’t mean to; this is what happens when you dash off a hurried post at work in!

My lack of care tempted fate perhaps, because on Friday night he and I ended up having our first Big Row. We go through it and we’re fine; I suppose it’s a good test of our relationship that we are comfortable enough to have a row with each other and not consider falling out to be a deal-breaker at seven weeks.

So what happened? Well, a couple of days ago The Gardener moved in a 19 year old French exchange student/model who is staying for a month. That’s all fine. Except for Friday, when Fella and I are there trying to enjoy a lovely romantic dinner that he prepared. All the while this 19 year old is SHAMELESSLY flirting with MY gorgeous guy.

This of course made me feel decidedly uncomfortable though Fella responded by becoming increasingly affectionate with me so no complaints there. It just got my back up when Fella then invited the Frenchist to join us at Pride.

Fella picked up that I was miffed at this and later complained I do not trust him. I explained I DO trust him, and I KNOW he’s not going to do anything. I just didn’t want to spend my first Pride watching a repeat of that performance.

I suspect this was a “Straw, meet Camel’s Back” moment because Fella became quite upset and said I was putting him on a pedestal and I shouldn’t and he ISN’T this great guy and he’s not ready to say what he thinks I expect him to say.

I gave him a big hug and assured him I am taking things slow and though I think he’s great I’m not going to make some flamboyant declaration of undying love and I don’t expect him to do anything but I do want to be with him and see how things go.

As rows go I suspect that wasn’t too bad. A row about not so much; he was a bit highly strung after making what he thought was a terrible dinner but I know was delightful. I’m a piss-poor communicator whose brown eyes can, it seems, turn green once in a while. But as it was our first row (and, who knows? Perhaps our last) it’s kinda special. I do know that we spent much of Saturday and Sunday making it up to each other in the nicest possible way.

On Saturday Pride was tremendous fun. All the armed and emergency forces were well represented in the parade which was fantastic. In a small world coincidence Fella and I found ourselves standing next to International at the parade so I introduced them. Fella was quite dismissive, only commenting later that he is much prettier than International [green eyes all round?].

A busy weekend! Hope you enjoyed yours, gentle reader.


Antony said...


Communication is important. Also is recognition of your own jelousy/insecuries & what triggers rows off so that you can avoid them.

I know it's easy to give the advice, but I know it's much harder to follow it.


A x

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether anyone's done a study on how many arguments are actually about what's being said, as opposed to a culmination of other issues and a need to vent.

Early days :-) Bound to be more friction at some point. Perfectly normal.

MadeInScotland said...

What a coincidence! Fella & International.

You know, I've only ever made 2 London Prides. Once as a spectator when in Finsbury Park (about 8 years ago); the other on one of the floats, which was good fun!