Friday, 10 July 2009


I sometimes am, I think, one of the worst communicators ever! Today - not coincidentally to this post, gentle reader, I will confess - is one of those times.

At present I am somewhat overwhelmed with work; as well as a new role operationally managing some very large hospitals and community providers I have projects overseeing the investigation of homicides by people with certain mental health problems, and supporting London wide delivery of trauma services. Plus a lot of the posts nominally above me are unfilled. On top of this if the UK lurches towards democracy again and finally holds an election my employers may be first against the wall should the government change; which as you might imagine is causing some angst amongst the upper echelons.

This is of course a long winded way of saying these are stressful times, which has caused some conflict in the office and that makes me sad. So somewhat downcast I went home this evening and got in touch with Fella to say I’d had a rotten day and needed big hugs!

Very coincidental to this post Fella’s paternal grandfather died recently and the funeral is on Monday so this weekend he’s spending time with his family. After that he’s going to spend Monday night with me, and that means I’m spending this weekend – for the first time in two months - alone.

I’m not complaining; it’s entirely understandable. However, tonight Fella invited me to meet his parents after the funeral. This of course was a very nice offer (though I worry slightly about the timing) and I accepted on the condition that it really was an OK time to meet.

Then, naturally, I excitedly texted my friends in gushing terms that I am going to meet the boyfriend’s parents and that “I feel really good but sick”. A joke, in fact (though I do feel good). Not a good joke, perhaps, but I do wonder if just possibly it might have gone across better had I not inadvertently texted that to Fella himself.


Of course I followed it up to explain I was joking with friends but now I fear my miscommunication may have landed me in hot water with my Fella. Though I will admit my mistake has cheered me up, so it kinda worked!! Now I need to build bridges…

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Antony said...

ha ha yeah perhaps not the best thing to send to fella. Perhaps it was done subconciously?

A x