Wednesday, 14 January 2009


I’m at home now, waiting for Sex and The city to come on the tele… as usual I remain very busy at work, frantically trying the get things done. So two 12 hour days in a row and I find myself taking work home – ironically all about the European Working Time Directive. It seems that soon no-one this side of Transylvania will be working more than 48 hours a week; bar yours truly. Good job I love it, eh?

So then no assignations since the weekend, though I have been invited over for a return visit to the guy I met on Saturday. Perhaps tomorrow…

Also today, International and I have been exchanging messages. He has been unhappy for a while and it seems, as usual, absence doth make his heart the fonder; I am, however, insistent that he and I cannot meet until at least the end of the month. Partly because of my business, but partly because of the wobbly time we had over the festive season. It will be four months tomorrow, believe it or not – technically, if somewhat sadly, the second longest relationship that I’ve ever had. The longevity might be explained in part by the fact I only have a part-share in Himself. But also, I think, though I know he’s not really that good for me, he has all the attributes I like!!

On the other hand Christmas and I aren’t going to become boyfriends. It was fun, and in theory – on paper – he’s perfect for me, but I think it’s clear to both of us that it isn’t going to happen. Why?

Well, at the risk of being rude, Christmas… well, he’s a terrible kisser. There: I blogged it.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, turns me on like a good kisser. I’ve always been complimented on my kissing – luckily. While Christmas and International are [were] both enthusiastic and passionate lovers, International is a great kisser. With Christmas – and no, it isn’t fair to go into details, so this is the end about him (in this context), but it really doesn’t work for me.

I wonder what it is about kissing that, and I mean REALLY, turns me on? Perhaps it’s a chicken/egg thing – I’m excited by kissing because of the context in which it occurs. Whatever it is, I really like everything about it: the lips; tongues; the hands (an important part, the hands holding you tight…). I think it’s partly the anticipation of what comes next. Clothes coming off, hands exploring, kisses ever more passionate, and then in bed, on the table, floor, sofa, balcony wherever… It feels a bit like my secret, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same for most people.

So, much as I’m sorry about Christmas, for muches smooches I’m willing to call out happy New Year.

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