Saturday, 3 January 2009


Well, gentle reader, at the outset I must confess to being a very naughty Frumpella so if you would prefer to maintain your image of me as chaste and pure then look away now…

Now my cold has begun to recede, I yesterday decided to visit gaydar [surprise, surprise] as I wanted to see if anyone was about for a bit of afternoon fun. And whilst there a guy I’d met previously, a casual assignation from June, got in touch.

This guy likes his threesomes/groups even more than I do so, as he wanted to have a group session, we worked together and found some other guys to join us; and before I knew it I was hosting four fellas at my apartment for an evening’s entertainment second to none.

I never appreciated how difficult it was organising a group even with the bounty that is the internet; it takes time! But I have to be honest, the hard work really paid off… I had a really, really good time and since then I’ve felt so sexual and invigorated. I was all aglow for quite some time afterward. It was a fantastic night, and Frumpella is now a very cheerful fairy indeed.

Today I’ve had two guys over, separately, again from gaydar – making the most of my membership as you can see – and again it was great. Maybe it is feeling better, or maybe it’s the New Year but I don’t recall being this horny before. Now I’m completely out of all the essentials! But I think it’s time to take a wee break as the neighbours probably find the revolving door of men coming and going at all hours somewhat tiresome. So until my new batch of supplies arrives (thinking it might not be a bad idea to order in bulk) I’ll be taking it easy. Or at least, travelling rather than accommodating…

Happy New Year indeed.

I genuinely don’t know what it is that has got me feeling like this. Maybe it is the psychological boost of the New Year. Perhaps it’s just the relative freedom of not being in a relationship (or at least being between them) and not really looking for the moment. Yes, OK I do feel a bit slutty but whatever it is, I’ll take it! I even liked the new pictures I took of myself to update my profile with them, and anyone who knows me knows how much I loathe being photographed.

As for Christmas, he’s back in London next weekend so we shall meet up then; probably Sunday to go for a drink at one of a couple of nice pubs near to where I live. By then I’ll probably be well and truly back in the real world (back at work etc) and over this little phase… or will I be?

Who can say?


Monty said...

Oh my! If you hosted 4 gentlemen, then that means a 5some! I'm seriously impressed - I've never got to that number - 3 was my highest number. I was not brave enough! Deliciously green with envy! BUT, still very happy to have my gorgeous one man! I am delighted with how your new year is turning out Mike!!!

Mike said...

Yeah. I need a new bed and possibly a new postcode!

I wish I had one gorgeous man. But until then... Horny New Year!