Wednesday, 7 January 2009


My goodnesss, I had a horrendous day today. Caught between a rock and a hard place – I had to give a ministerial briefing on something that made my employer look like a tit; this resulted in a few sharp exchanges in the office and a fairly unpleasant morning. Being very tired – I had a client at 6am too – I ended up feeling quite miserable and so, as my working day drew to a close, I was faced with a choice between wine or man flesh. And I plumped for wine.

What’s this? Frumpella not getting over a hard day by getting under a hot man?? Such omens and portents should surely be accompanied by comets and earth tremors!

No, none of that; although it has been snowing a lot – does that count? Well, let’s be fair – if the rule is no more than one (new) guy a week I’m pretty sorted until about mid-February… so no real rush (though, yes, I did have a look around!) and this will be the last drink till I see Christmas on Sunday.

He and I have been exchanging messages on and off since last we met. He’s very gregarious! I’m quite introverted, so sometimes it can be a bit wearing, but that’s no criticism – it’s nice to have someone keen on me. Really nice, actually – though I’m determined to let things progress on their merits and not push things one way or another.

Nevertheless, I have, recently, been thinking about International. His impending return to the UK fills me, somehow, with a great deal of angst in that whilst far away I had no need to acknowledge… this thing… and the closer he gets… it’s all less and less certain [if that's possible]. The thing is gentle reader I still think of him often and wonder how – when the truth of it all dawns even on my dissonant head – I’ll handle things.

Bring on the wine.

There’s nothing much more I can say about International really. I can’t change how I feel, or where I find myself. I suppose it has to be: New Year; move on. No time for self-pity and I think Christmas deserves a bit more than me obsessing about another guy – especially if we become a proper couple at some point.

However, before the monogamy begins...

I have been propositioned tonight by a 19 year old couple who live locally (yes, my online look-around yielded results after all; Strumpetville is full of friendly guys) but normally I wouldn’t go for. Yet, since I’m feeling good-looking and buff at the moment, and we all know I’d never turn down an intimate gathering… well then, why not?

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Monty said...

Back in my dating days, I ended up with a similar rule as you - only one new man per week. It was a good rule actually, though it often got broken - not through planning but just by circumstance. Can you believe I've been monogamous now for over 9 months!!!!!!!!!! How impressive is that!!! Lucky for me, McBrad is the BEST sex I've ever had. :-) Enjoy your young couple!