Thursday, 1 January 2009


Today Christmas and I had dinner at my place.

We met on Tuesday too, as a last minute thing, and he treated me to a quite expensive Thai dinner at the Hays Galleria. Thus today was the fourth time we have met (though Christmas will insist on fifth preferring to count Christmas Day and Christmas Eve as two dates not one) and returning the favour, in a small way, is the least I could do.

I have caught from him a stinking cold and am not at my most sexual at the moment so, although we welcomed 2009 with a bang, I asked him not to spend the night. Well, it’s still very early days, after all, and I explained most people wouldn’t be having sex at this point. But you know me by now, gentle reader…

Christmas is away for three weeks but said today before we parted that he’d like to keep seeing me and I said I’d liked that too; so when he’s back we shall most certainly see how things go. I’d like to let things take their time. Things will happen or they won’t. No infatuation or emotional immaturity. If I can help it. Erm...

Turning now to my slutty side; as a treat to myself I rejoined gaydar as a member. This morning I was hoping to get some pre-Christmas action after having slept off my hangover – I was at a great party in Gypsy Hill till about 3:00am but got a text from International describing swimming naked with his boyfriend off the coast of Cape Canaveral with some kind of “nice knowing you, look after yourself in 2009” attached to it.. He did hurt me a bit with that and my NYE enthusiasm then waned somewhat. It made me realise how much I do need to make a fresh start.

Anyway, got a fair bit of interest on gaydar and lined up two future shags today and two future possibles, so a productive 1 January. But with the cold it’s probably best to hold off the magic roundabout for the time being.

Speaking of being sexual I have decided for 2009 to cut way, way back and have no more than one or two partners a week [would that he were joking]. A friend described me as ‘cock crazy’ today, which isn’t entirely fair I think - but then I am trying to persuade him to get back out there and have some fun following a recent break up, so possibly regale him with my ribald wit a tad too much. Nevertheless a nice steady flow of man-flesh rather than gorging may not be such a bad idea.

Until at least it’s Christmas every day.


Monty said...

Oh, I think "cock crazy' sounds just about right! LOL Christmas is sounding better and better! Hope your potentials worked out yesterday!!! :-)

czechOUT said...

This stinking cold thing. I escalated mine to flu status simply because it was into a 3rd week before it started feeling better.

I hope your 3 weeks fly by too.