Thursday, 6 November 2008


I’m a Leo; I adore being a Leo and in many ways I am a typical example of the species. Not being gay so much; I imagine that is not star sign dependant. I’m in fact a Leo with an Aires rising – fire complemented by fire (in Chinese astrology I’m a fire snake – again fire and fire). I suppose the best advice I would give is to avoid my temper; indeed I’ve punched out two computer monitors since starting this blog and I’m told a filthy look from me could stop a team of oxen in its tracks.

As a Leo I can in a few days look forward to an encounter between my ruler (the Sun) and Uranus. Well, that’s something at least.

The upcoming encounter between my ruler International and my… has been thrown into doubt by nothing so cosmic as my boiler breaking down, finally, thus confirming me as Cassandra to my landlord’s One Man Idiot. But I can discuss that with International when we have lunch tomorrow – you see, he really is making an effort to be with me.

Yes, International again gentle reader… you were expecting different?

I had another counselling session tonight but I was absolutely not in the mood at all as I had too much work to do and, if you’ll forgive me straying into management buzzwords, it got right on my tits. So his topic suggestions got remarkably short shrift but we did discuss my new relationship. And, for a change, some useful insights were derived. See if you agree.

My counsellor felt that I am reasonably clear on things but that International is not; and therefore the greatest need is to work through his issues. In short I should continue to be careful about getting emotionally dependent as this would mean swapping my journey for his. Generally feeling needy signified that I should consider what I could do to educate my boyfriend to fulfil my needs, including tackling things he is doing wrong; meaning the onus should be on changing International so I don’t feel needy, not changing myself. My counsellor explained that otherwise this would result in not being myself, and this would kill any relationship.

The counsellor’s advice was I should define my values and my ‘red lines’ – that which I shall not sacrifice – and he said I should learn that a relationship is two wholes together, not one half trying to find the missing other.

I think there is little new in here but actually rather well packaged and it did mean the session ended on a high note.

PS International’s horoscope is that the unruly Uranus will bring chaos during November… Roar.

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P.Brownsey said...

"I should learn that a relationship is two wholes together, not one half trying to find the missing other."

This is the sort of orthodoxy that gets preached today but is there the slightest reason to think it's true? It sounds like an echo of right-wing economics - no dependency allowed (for we don't like dependency culture, do we?), no neediness, just atomised individuals standing on their own two feet and entering into merely contractual relationships with others.