Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Six Weeks

I sometimes look at all the things I have and wonder what I would take with me if I'm ever lucky enough to move in with someone and try to build a home together. My plants, the works of art my friends have made and give me, and the original pieces I have picked up around Europe. Probably my books, DVDs and CDs; clothes etc. But not so much if you think about all the crap I’ve accumulated over my spendthrift years.

Why do I think of this? Because my mind wonders often into speculating about relationships; and relationships are very much back on the cards. At last one anyway.

I saw International yesterday; he asked me out of the blue to meet him on Monday evening. In fact he suggested a sauna but to be honest that didn’t entice me too much – so I suggested dinner. And to that end we ended up at Balans and then for afters had drinks at The Friendly Society.

My friend I owe in particular a debt of gratitude for encouraging me to avoid the sauna. I suspect the evening would have gone rather differently if hadn't stuck to my guns.

Because somewhere between dinner and drinks International repeated that he didn’t want me seeing anyone else – he really doesn’t like it. He said he had been thinking about, and comparing himself to, Darren – something I was avoiding – and International has decided that he and I should be boyfriends.

Because he loves me.

Yes, he told me that he loves me. No-one had ever said that to me before. Not ever...

Of course in my reply I confessed my losing battle not to feel the same way. Yet not all is unalloyed delight because we have to accept that International now has two boyfriends; and I was not backward in pointing out International seeks to have his cake and eat it. I did jokingly complaint about my 40 man target, but not too much as I know International doesn’t like my history – though to be frank he needs to take it or leave it and I note he is not averse to my practising a trick or two I picked up along the way.

As for the rest of the night, we very much enjoyed each-others’ company in "the fairy room" at the back of the bar which we ended up sharing with another couple we met who were celebrating their one year anniversary. There was little bit of friendly competition for a while there between the four (two twos) of us I don’t mind telling you :-D

In the meantime, does spring turn into glorious summer in Strumpetville? Much work remains to be done I fear. But it’s a turn up for the books, gentle reader, isn’t it? What a difference a day makes, and no mistake.

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Monty said...

Hmmm, just check that International isn't actually the one and same as our favourite Blogger Gay Banker!!! LOL