Sunday, 23 November 2008


True to my word, gentle reader, I have had a very naughty weekend. You may recall I had recently heard from T and I was tempted to respond positively to his overtures. Well, in the end I did get in touch with him to say we should indeed meet up. So hopefully I shall get a response soon.

In the meantime on Saturday and Sunday there have been three assignations arranged via t’internet. All were guys I’d been in touch with peri-International; but because he was on the scene, pardon the pun, nothing came of it. However, while I was online on Saturday all three got in touch. The first I had been flirting for months. He wanted some al-fresco action but I felt it was a tad on the chilly side for such activities; so on Saturday night I met him and we went back to mine. My that was fun; it’s amazing how things that may not be your favourite, if done right, can still drive you wild ;-)

And on Sunday a guy came over from Greenwich for an afternoon shag, to be followed in the evening by a nice long 'session' with another, who likes to
party and play - though I prefer not to mix fuzunjulation of the vududium with much more than a glass of wine if I can help it. (thinking it’s pretty darned fabulous on its own account). Not even poppers for me gentle reader though I indulge my men-folk if they really must have that helping hand (as if I’m not enough… cheek!).

Yes, I let my trouser department do the thinking this weekend – and it was most marvellous to our eyes! The weekend ended with a tempting invitation from a very young (late teens eeek!) couple from nearby for one of my favourite activities; a threesome. I’m not sure yet – I’m comfortable in a range 25 to 45, and prefer guys at least my own age; but as a cardinal rule of threesomes is that they’re just about sex, there may be no harm in it…

Of course this comes alongside work; I have had two clients this week which is fantastic and quite timely! And my ‘proper job’ is keeping me busy as always; my current projects have been reviewed and it has been decided that they are too important/I’m doing too well [flattery will get you everywhere] to hand the over to someone else. Well, I’m keen to see my projects through and as some colleagues are definitely moving on I’m going to be leading on more projects from now too. Thus some catching up on Sunday was necessary.

Raise your glasses to sex and projects!

I strangely don’t feel bad about my nominal infidelity to International. I do, however, feel comfortable that I’ve rebalanced the various portfolios in my life more equitably. Until International and I make some progress he remains my love-life (we’ve been exchanging the usual messages today too, awwww), just not, for now, all of my sex life.

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