Tuesday, 27 October 2009


My home-life has taken another bizarre twist. It seems The Gardener has moved in someone without telling me, and this person (working nights) has been here for some time entirely without my knowledge. A secret housemate. My day to day experience of domesticity has changed in many ways since moving here!

Presumably that will make the masked ball type party that is being held here on hallowe’en all the more exciting… 20 gay men, lots of booze… sometimes (only momentarily of course) having a boyfriend can be inconvenient! Who knows, perhaps some of them WON’T actually be living here. Fella and I will also be making a brief sojourn to the party of mutual friends; a lesbian couple who recently got engaged. It seems a lot of my/our friends are settling down, breeding as various bits allow… being proper grown ups.

Anyway, it seems Paris has left me a little legacy in the form of le trots. Not sure what caused it exactly. But I only mention it now as it’s quite severe. I suppose one test of a relationship is not just how well someone ‘does’ your arse, but how well they handle the world falling out of it. Gosh, I must be ill if my writing descends so. Still, it’s done my diet no harm. Lost 4 lbs already.

Domesticity itself has taken hold with Fella and I; he insisted on looking after me this weekend while I was stricken which seemed to involve me doing a lot of cooking, cleaning and shopping than I would have thought as the nursemaided invalid. But either way, as we spend the majority of a week together and I live in a couple of rooms, things can get a bit cramped – and especially so when a tad under the weather, As we approach the six month mark and Fella considers moving back to London I imagine things will continue a-pace. Of course, if he moves reasonably nearby, then we can begin to share domestic arrangements.

In the meantime the revolving door of my house continues. It seems a Canadian gentleman has expressed an interest in living here too, assuming the new random housemate moves out. I don’t really mind the Gardener moving in (and out) all these waifs and strays… I just wish he wouldn’t show them pictures of my from my erstwhile gaydar account to entice them!!


Monty said...

Ha ha! Is the Gardener using YOU as bait to lure all these gentlemen to your house? LOL

Mike said...

Ha. Yes, yes he is. I think that is in part at core of the current issues I am facing... I shall have to have a word!!