Thursday, 22 October 2009


Well, I’ve been a lax little blogger, haven’t I? Fear not, gentle reader!! I have returned to Strumpetville from gay Paris and am ready to blog again…

First things first; le trip.

We travelled in the early afternoon from St Pancras; and I’ll be honest, the train is the only was to go. Fast, efficient, no hassle getting our seat, stowing our luggage… before we knew it we were under the sea; and then in France itself.

We’d booked a studio apartment near the Gare Du Nord so we were quickly there. The place was really nice, on a little side street off the main boulevard. And from then on we were out and about, exploring the city.

All the touristy things of course; the Louvre – absolutely fantastic; worth a day in its own right. The Arc de Triomphe; really impressive. The Eiffel Tower. A tad rusty! The people were far friendlier than I thought they would be; it’s the little things that can really make your day, don’t you think? Just turning a corner from the main streets we found ourselves in a small family run bakery, where the staff fussed over us letting us taste thus or that… or the attentive waiters in restaurant we had to ourselves one lunchtime, in the gay district near Rue de Te,mple, who all worked to give us the perfect Parisian dining experience. My verdict? I’m sold. Paris is a thriving, vibrant, beautiful city where I would very happily live one day.


- The Rodin museum
- The Louvre
- Notre Dame
- Pompidou Centre
- The Latin Quarter

The best thing of course is that Fella really loved it. He’s shown he appreciates his best birthday present in many ways, not just the physical *ahem*. Tonight is the only night since last Friday, and until Sunday, that we are apart – hence the time to write a post. He’s changed ever so slightly. Things are more… comfortable. The rhythm is easier in some way.

It was his trip after all – so I’m delighted he liked it. But for me it was great. The last time I went abroad it was with International to his villa in Spain for a dirty weekend of naughty nookie. This time it was a joint experience of art, culture, food and wine. Something shared, and ‘grown up’. It really was a great trip.

And for the next birthday trip? Hmm….


Miguel said...

Whilst at University I did an exchange to Paris and spent a year at Sorbonne. It was the best time of my life, so I know how you feel. Glad you enjoyed it, and things are great. Best Wishes.

Antony said...

Sounds wonderful. I've been to Paris but never done the whole culture and family run bakery thing. Sounds good, very romantic and initmate. I'm well proud of you!

You work soo hard to work through you issues and beaware of fellas and what's the result? An amazing relationship were you seem to be getting closer, and closer all the time.

My love and hugs as always,

A x

MadeInScotland said...

I read your post sitting in our friends' apartement on Bd Voltaire, nr Bastille. It's raining...

But I love Paris.

I can see Le Génie de la Bastille from the window as I write this though to you.

I'm glad you enjoyed. Next time you really must try chez Astier. It's a local restaurant serving it's Parisian customers. But don't tell the tourists...


GaySocrates said...

Next holiday-go back to Paris again with fella- it really is the city for lovers! As cliche as that may sound it's true. My Man and I have been lots of times and it works its magic every time.
If you like the Notre Dame area we usually stay at a lovely chsrming small hotel which is 5 minutes walk from the cathedral on the South Bank check it out!

Mike said...

Oh yeah, Paris was great. We will go back... though there's so much of the world yet to be seen! But when we do go back, we'll certainly follow up these recommendations. X