Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Moving house has been very helpful, even if it does mean sharing for the first time in 10 years or so. It’s a large Victorian house across three floors; I have my own bathroom. There is a dishwasher. I manage. The money I save will help pay for a place of my own some day. It’s paid for Paris; and this laptop :-)

As you know, gentle reader, I live with the Gardener an erstwhile regular gentleman caller. Certainly there’s plenty of space for the two of us and our disparate schedules mean we rarely meet anyway. And we’ve managed to rub along without any awkwardness.

Nevertheless from time to time he does move in the occasional waif and stray which keeps things interesting, to say the least. Previously there was the Frenchist. Currently there is a gay couple staying here because they are opening a Friendly club locally. They are ‘open’ which has already led to an awkward conversation between them and Fella and I (we aren’t open, not at all!)… and it seems they have an enterprising attitude when it comes to other people’s money as the Gardener’s wages have gone missing and we both know it wasn’t me… It may have been one of the casual acquaintances they occasionally host. But either way I imagine they won’t be around for too long.

It’s a good way of expanding my social circle though. This house has beenm quite the revolving door of characters. Also, there is due to be a party here on 31 October; it’s only gay men attending… given my history with the Gardener Fella is not too keen to be there! Nevertheless, as it is in my house I do feel I have little option but to attend, if only for a while.

Fella and I have talked about moving in together at some point. He really doesn’t want to move in here, and in any event there is no room. But I’m glad to have my own space at least when he is here because we can be left well alone and whether a shared house or no, snuggle up in our own little space. So it works rather well here. Rather well indeed.


etre-moral-etre-sincere said...

I only lived with a housemate once, and it was a perfect combination: though he lived in Dublin, he spent a lot of time either in his office in Belfast or with his boyfriend in Wexford, so I had the place all for myself :) Otherwise I am too picky about housemates, so I am a bit envious about how you can be under one roof with all those people you mentioned and not go crazy! And moving in together is a great idea, it's the best way to get used to one another, really.

Mike said...

Having a shared house to myself is a rare pleasure. I would like more control over who lives here but simnce they're only passing through I can't complain. I have my own space; and our own space maybe one day, why not??